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Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate student questions

I'm a BIOL/ZOOL/BISC/ENSC major with questions. Whom do I contact?

Please contact your assigned advisor. To be assigned to, or to request a new advisor, please e-mail in the Biology Office.

I'm a BIOL/ZOOL/BISC/ENSC minor with questions. Whom do I contact?

Please contact Dr. in the Biology Department.

Where do I look for more information on courses for majors and minors?

We encourage you to visit the official UVM Catalogue.

How do I obtain an override for a BioCore course?

For BCOR 11 and 12 - contact
For BCOR 101, 102, 103 - please contact the course instructor for an override.

How do I obtain an override for a Biology course?

For BIOL 1 and 2 - Please contact
For all other BIOL courses - Please contact the course instructor for an override.

I'm transferring courses into or out of UVM. How do I do this and how do I determine if the course will count toward my major/minor?

If you are transferring courses into or out of UVM, please contact the Transfer Affairs Office at 656-0867.
If you need help determining if courses transferred count towards your major/minor, please contact your Advisor in the Biology Department.

How do I learn about undergraduate research and internships?

For information on Undergraduate research and internships click HERE

Graduate student questions

Whom do I contact for general questions related to graduate study in biology?

Please visit the Graduate College website or the Graduate Programs section of our website

Is health insurance provided for graduate students?

The Department and Graduate College will defray most of the cost of health insurance. Students who are taking at least six credit hours (graduate students included) are eligible, but not required*, to purchase the student health insurance plan or pay the prerequisite student health fee. Please visit the student insurance website for more information.
*International students are REQUIRED to purchase this insurance plan.

What are the requirements for my degree program?

You can read about the general requirements for the Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in the UVM Catalogue.

Requirements for each degree program specific to the Department of Biology can be found under "Overview of Graduate Programs" in the Graduate Programs section or in the Biology Graduate Student Handbook (PDF)

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