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Faculty - Bernd Heinrich

Bernd Heinrich

Bernd Heinrich, Professor, Emeriti

  • Ph.D., UCLA, 1970
  • University of California, Berkeley, Assistant Professor (71-75), Associate Professor 75-78, Professor 78-80
  • University of Vermont, 80-present
  • Guggenheim and Harvard Fellow, 76-77
  • Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, 88-89
Area of expertise

emeriti; behavioral ecology

Contact Information
Email: Bernd Heinrich

Phone: (802) 656-0443


My main research has been at the interface between the field and the laboratory to examine physiological and behavioral adaptation to the physical environment. This work led to energetics of bees and their colony economy. I then worked on the social organization of ravens with a view to understanding how and why unrelated individuals share and/or defend food bonanzas. More recently, after solving that problem, I've concentrated on exploring cognition.