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From the introductory courses for first-year students (BCOR 11/12) to advanced courses for Juniors and Seniors, the department's course offerings are varied, dynamic, and a reflection of current issues in life science. All stress concepts, hypotheses, and the most current findings. View our courses.

A long record of departmental excellence

The Department of Biology is the general biology research and teaching Department at the University of Vermont. The department has a long record of excellence, now over a century old, in life science, with present emphasis in neuroscience, cell biology, ecology, and evolution. The faculty includes Professors, Research Professors and Lecturers, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Graduate Students. More than 400 Undergraduates pursue our majors in Biology B.A., Integrated Biology B.S., Zoology B.A. and B.S., and Environmental Science B.S.

Well-funded, internationally known faculty

All faculty in the Department of Biology are active researchers with international reputations. Faculty are well funded by grants from the NIH, NSF, and many other agencies. Therefore, our graduate students are mentored by world-class scientists with dynamic research groups. Undergraduates enjoy the most up-to-date courses and carefully designed majors, and are also strongly encouraged to participate in research projects under the close supervision of faculty (more than 50 students each year work with faculty on cutting-edge scientific research). Our faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates publish dozens of papers a year in the top international scientific journals.

Faculty research split between two clusters

Department of Biology faculty interact freely in both teaching and research activities. This is common because biology today is cross-disciplinary. However, the faculty fall into two general research clusters: Neuroscience and muscle biology (and general cell biology) and Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics. Learn about our faculty members and graduate students.

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