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Burlington and Community

The nation's smallest big city: Burlington is a thriving, picturesque city where student and family quality–of–life have been applauded by Outside Magazine, Self, The Princeton Review, and more thanks to a thriving arts scene, a progressive culture of firsts and a thriving economy. Learn more about Burlington, Vermont.

Well over 1,300 graduate students on UVM's campus: The graduate community at UVM is large and entrenched in the community. Gradnet is a listserv for graduate students across campus. Signing up will keep you in touch with the UVM grad community, and will let you know about everything from yard sales and social events to thesis defense deadlines. To join the list, send email to LISTSERV at: In the body of the message, place the following subscribe command: subscribe gradnet First Last. Replace the words "First Last" with your name. Here is an example: subscribe gradnet Joe Smith. The welcoming message you receive from the listserv will tell you how to unsubscribe if you decide to do so in the future.

Things to do: From Church Street Marketplace to the picturesque Waterfront; from the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts to Live Music around town, Burlington and its environs are alive with activity, places to visit and shop, and the arts.

Housing: Graduate student housing is available both through UVM and off-campus landlords and realtors. For housing through UVM Click HERE or call (802) 656-3434. For off-campus housing in and around Burlington, check the classified ads in the Burlington Free Press, 7 Days, and websites like and


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