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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biology

Choosing a major

Incoming students often have some difficulty in choosing a major among those offered by the Department of Biology. Should it be the BA in Biology? BS in Biological Science? BA or BS in Zoology? BS in environmental Science? BS in Neuroscience? We recommend talking this over with your Advisor, and perhaps consider starting with the BA in Biology. Students can easily switch anytime during their first few semesters because the BA program of studies is very general and meets the requirements of those other majors.

The BA in Biology offers a broad, modern, and rigorous program:

Students take a series of advanced electives, including a capstone course in Comparative Physiology (BIOL 255). Because Biology is such a broad discipline, many students choose to concentrate in one area, and others prefer to remain generalists. Academic advisors will help students pick appropriate courses in one or more of these disciplines:

  • Pre-Professional preparation for students wishing to pursue careers in human or veterinary medicine, dentistry, public health, or other health-related fields.
  • Environmental Biology, including ecology, animal behavior, and evolution.
  • Cell and Molecular Biology, including developmental biology, biotechnology, and molecular genetics.
  • Forensic Biology to prepare for a career in field or laboratory positions, and includes several special seminars and courses.
  • Neurobiology for students who do not wish to major in Neuroscience, but still want a series of courses in that discipline.

Academic Catalogue

Biology BA Academic Roadmap (PDF)

Courses permitted outside the Biology Department

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