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2013 Undergraduate Awards

Each year the Department of Biology recognizes and awards undergraduates who have made outstanding contributions to research in Biology. Congratulations!

Willard Gove

George Perkins Marsh Award in Ecology/Evolution

Mr. Gove has always been intrigued by the life sciences and his interest in psychology and neuroscience continue to to grow. He has been working in the neuroscience lab of Dr. John T. Green since February of 2012 which was a great opportunity for him to become proficient in several skills that can be put to use in a neuroscience or biology laboratory. After he graduates, he will be moving to Maryland to work at the University of Baltimore as a neuroscience lab technician. "It's very exciting, as I have never lived in a city larger than Burlington before!" He plans to work there for a year or two, then move on to new ventures.

Jenny Klein

Joan M. Herbers Award in Biology

Ms. Klein's thesis title is Biochemical Model of Crossover Control. "It proposed that the helicase is the component of the Homology Directed Repair mechanism that directs the process down one of two pathways. My project used the proteins from the T4 Bacteriophage and a constructed D-loop, the DNA structure where the choice of pathways is made, to illustrate this model. After graduation I will be working as a lab technician at Brandeis University studying RNAi in germ cells. I eventually plan on pursuing my doctorate."

Alexandra Beattie

Paul A. Moody Award in Biology

"I am interested in exploring the molecular basis of nutrition and exercise in physiological performance and quality-of-life enhancement in biological systems. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to examine the effect of HMB on D. melanogaster flight ability and lifespan as a part of my masters thesis at UVM (through the Biology Department's accelerated masters program) starting this fall. My ultimate goal is to get involved in a profession that will allow me to pursue my interests in public health and medicine, research and teaching."

Jonathan Gonzalez

Kurt Milton Pickett Award
“Like many others, I believe that the burgeoning human population and its impacts on the environment have lead to an urgent need for scientists to contribute to the fields of sustainable agriculture and ecological restoration.  I am most interested in symbiotic soil fungi collectively known as “mycorrhizal fungi”. These fungi colonize plant roots and extend hyphae out into the surrounding soil.  These hyphae effectively act as extensions of the plant root by gathering nutrients to exchange with plants for photosynthetically derived carbohydrates. This symbiosis has the potential to be employed in agriculture as well as in bioremediation. As an undergraduate in Dr. Alison Brody’s laboratory, I conducted two investigations involving mycorrhizal fungi.  I now have the opportunity to continue that work here at UVM as a student in the Accelerated Master’s Degree Program in Biology.  I am excited and I look forward to applying to a Ph.D. program in the field of plant and microbial interactions.  My long-term objective is to research the employment of the mycorrhizal symbiosis in agriculture and ecological restoration as a university research professor.”

Samuel Hart

Bernd Heinrich Award in Physiology or Evolution

“During my four years of working in the Barlow lab in the Animal Science Department, the research I have participated in the lab has been mainly focused on dairy cow mastitis pathology and MHC allelic typing. I have found this to be an amazing experience and would like to work in a research position following my graduation. I expect to go to graduate school at some point down the road once I figure out what specific area I would like to go into.”

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