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2012 Undergraduate Awards

Each year the Department of Biology recognizes and awards undergraduates who have made outstanding contributions to research in Biology. Congratulations!

Ashleigh R. Allaire

George Perkins Marsh Award in Ecology/Evolution

Ms. Allaire achieved an extraordinary academic record while pursuing a variety of interests outside biology that are key for her interests in teaching. That focus, and her outstanding record in courses, have led to Ashleigh being selected as one of very few students in the Department to serve as a Teaching Intern in an advanced Biology course.

Amy K. Glen

Joan M. Herbers Award in Biology

Ms. Glen began her undergraduate education at the University of Alaska, but wished more tropical climes, and so moved to the University of Vermont. She is a member of the National Champion ski team, and in her last race became the National Champion in the 15 km cross-country race. Somehow she has also found time to achieve one of the highest academic records in Biology over hte past three decades. Amy plans a career in some aspect of wildlife biology.

Margaux M. McConn

Paul A. Moody Award in Biology

Ms. McConn is one of those rare students who maintain an impeccable academic record while holding a job, volunteering, and conducting research. Her volunteer medical aid experience in Peru and the US, combined with her love for biology and her Honors research on a muscle protein associated with cardiomyopathies, provide the impetus for a career in medicine.

Amanda C. Northrop

Kurt Milton Pickett Award
Ms. Northrop is both a biologist and geologist, earning the BA in Biology, with a minor in Geology. In addition to achieving an outstanding record in all of her courses, she has conducted research in behavioral ecology in the Biology Department and paleontology in the Geology Department. Amanda is thus claimed as an outstanding scholar by both departments and professes to love both ecology and animal behavior as well as the world of ancient life.

Caleb S. Liberman

Bernd Heinrich Award in Physiology or Evolution

Mr. Liberman enjoys a high reputation in the Biology Department for his outstanding record in courses, and has been a leader among students in the intensive laboratory methods courses. Caleb's research interests center on neurobiolgoy and his Honors research examines how the multiple physiology systems respond to traumatic brain injury.

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