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Bio undergrad and professor make great strides in malaria research

Read and watch more about the research of Katie St. Denis and professor Joseph Schall.

Department of Biology

The Department of Biology is committed to the active pursuit of scientific knowledge through integrative, cutting-edge research in neuroscience, cell biology, ecology, and evolution. Faculty in the Department are all active researchers, funded by major grants from the NSF, NIH, and other agencies, publish in the best journals, and enjoy international reputations. Our faculty bring this deep scholarship and productive research efforts into the undergraduate classroom. Our faculty are award-winning teachers, providing courses from the introductory to advanced level that engage and challenge students and promote critical thinking skills. Click HERE to see what our Alums are doing with their degrees.

Research News

  1. Dr. William Kilpatrick is the 2013 recipient of the Hartley H. T. Jackson Award for service to ASM (The American Society of Mammalogists). Read More
  2. Dr. William Kilpatrick's research on fluctuation in mice populations in Vermont (Burlington Free Press Article)
  3. Dr. Lori Steven's new study about climate change and the potential risk from Chagas Disease. (Read More) (CDC Article)
  4. Dr. Bryan Ballif and an International Research Team identifies two novel blood group systems (published in Nature Genetics). Read More
  5. Bernd Heinrich's new research on Ravens and Stress.
  6. The National Science Foundation awarded Dr. Bryan Ballif a grant to study signal transduction mechanisms during brain development. Read more.
  7. A new study by Dr. Alison Brody and colleagues in PLoS Biology explains spatial patterns in African savannah communities. See story in USA Today.
  8. Is competition important? The answer depends on spatial scale, Dr. Nick Gotelli and colleagues show in a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. See review in Science magazine HERE.
  9. Dr. Charles Goodnight weighs in on the kin-selection/group selection debate in the Feb. 18 issue of Nature (Full Story) (NSF Article)
  10. Dr. Judith Van Houten elected as Fellow to the American Association for the Advancement of Science for her contributions to research and education.
  11. Dr. Gene Delay has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to study L-amino acid taste receptors. Read about Dr. Delay's research.




Learning Through Experience: Linking Research and Education

As a research-intensive department, we recognize that the best way to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Biology is to participate directly in the research process

  • Our graduate students are mentored by world-class scientists with dynamic research groups
  • More than 50 undergraduate students each year work with faculty on cutting-edge scientific research
  • Faculty and students regularly present research at national and international conferences and publish original research in the best international journals

Academic Programs

The Department of Biology offers MS and PhD degrees in Biology, as well as an accelerated Masters program and a Masters of Teaching degree. More than 400 Undergraduates pursue our majors in Biology (BA), Biological Science (BS), Zoology (BA and BS), and Environmental Science (BS). Undergraduates enjoy the most up-to-date courses with small class sizes to promote direct interactions between students and faculty.

Our grads are successful at finding careers in the sciences:



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