Asim Zia, Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont
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Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Policy Evaluation:
   arrowInternational Negotiation of Climate Change Mitigation Policy

This research is focused on tracking and evaluating international governance of climate change mitigation regimes with a focus on Kyoto and post-Kyoto policy architectures, allocation of green house gas emissions under different policy architectures and evaluation of specific climate policy mechanisms such as REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) and Joint Implementation (JI).

Relevant papers and presentations:


  • Zia, A. and Koliba, C. (In Review) Accountable Climate Governance: Dilemmas of Performance Management Across Complex Governance Networks. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis
  • Zia, A. (In Preparation): The Politics of Scale in Climate Change Politics: Equitable Allocation of Carbon Emission Allowances


  • Zia, A. (2009) Comparative Analysis of Post-Kyoto Climate Change Policy Design: Ethical and Statistical Dilemmas in the “Fair” Allocation of Green House Gas Emission Allowances Across the Nation States. 31st Annual Research Conference of Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Washington DC, November 2009
  • Zia, A. and Koliba, C. (2009) Climate Change Governance and Accountability: Dilemmas of Performance Measurement in Complex Governance Networks. Presented in 5th Trans-Atlantic Dialogue. George Washington University. Washington DC.
  • Zia, A. (2009) Post-Kyoto Climate Change Governance Regime: Analyzing Ethical and Statistical Dilemmas in the “Fair” Allocation of Green House Gas Emission Allowances. Annual meeting of US Society for Ecological Economics, Washington DC, May-June 2009
  • Zia, A. (2009) Implementation Dilemmas of International Climate Policy: Revisiting the Problem of “Fair” Allocation of Green House Gas Emission Allowances in a Post-Kyoto Governance Regime. Annual Meeting of the American Society for Public Administration, Miami FL, March 2009