Asim Zia, Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont
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Transportation, Air Quality and Land-Use Planning:
   arrowSmog Control and Policy Compliance

This research is focused on evaluating federal and state level air quality management policies. It includes both my dissertation research project as well as follow up research.

Relevant papers and presentations:


  • Zia, A. (In Preparation): Agent Profiling Systems: The Effect of Contextual Conditions on the Compliance Behavior of Regulated Agents
  • Zia, A., B. G. Norton, D. S. Noonan, M. O. Rodgers, and L. DeHart-Davis (2006) A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of High Emitter Non-Compliance and its Impact on Vehicular Tailpipe Emissions in Atlanta, 1997-2001. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 11 (1): 77-96


  • Zia, A., and Arenstein, W. (2007) An Evaluation Framework for Indirect Source Review (ISR) Programs: Current Controversies and Future Prospects. Proceedings of the Air & Waste Management Association's 100th Annual Conference & Exhibition, Pittsburgh PA, Paper no. 801