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Faculty Recommendation Form for College Honors

To be completed and submitted by the Thesis Supervisor prior to the appropriate deadline. A copy of this form will be emailed to the address entered in "Your Email Address" below.

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Does this student's proposal involve human subjects, animal research or bio hazards?

If yes, please continue reading. If not, please skip this section and continue with this form.

By checking this box, I am certifying that I understand the following:

  • The student's proposal must mention that the research involves human subjects, animal research, or bio hazards, if in fact such research is involved.
  • That the student must obtain approval from the one of the Committees on Human Research under the Institutional Review Board (IRB) in order to begin research.
  • The Honors Committee will only approve the student's proposal pending IRB certification.
  • The Honors Committee must receive a copy of the IRB certification before data collection can commence.

Please see our Advice Regarding Honors Student Research page for advice regarding research as well as links to more information regarding the Institutional Review Board.

Will the student have access to necessary resources and/or equipment?

Please detail the resources/equipment required::

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