University of Vermont

ALANA Student Center

The position independently leads the continued development and implementation of the Summer Enrichment Scholars Program (SESP) – a summer bridge for ALANA/ Multiracial, modest income, first generation college students. Create and implement year round activities in support of SESP Alumni. Hire, supervise SESP staff and student workers. Create and lead the assessment efforts for ASC programs, ALANA student success, retention and needs. Lead the development, implementation and maintenance of data collected from assessments and other university and national surveys. Oversee the presentation of data and the creation of the ASC annual report. Provide students counseling, advising and programming. Collaborate with multiple campus partners to serve student need. Coordinate development and recognition programs for ALANA students. Take part in institutional representation within the department, division and central administration on committees, work groups and other organizational bodies. This position reports to the Director of the ALANA Student Center (ASC).