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ALANA Spring Awards Banquet

The ALANA Spring Awards Banquet is a celebration of the achievements of ALANA students and their allies at the end of every academic year. There is 100% participation with each college or school represented by a faculty or staff member who delivers the award for that particular academic unit. In many cases, advisors and professors who have been mentors to students are present during the awards ceremony.
The ALANA Awards Banquet will be held on April 15th, 2016 at the Maple Silver Ballroom, Davis Center

Nominations for Awards

Nominations are due by April 2th at 4:30PM

To nominate someone for an award click here

Awards Descriptions
  • Tim Shiner Ally* Award: Awarded to an individual(s) (student, staff, and/or faculty) who demonstrate a strong commitment to work within the UVM ALANA community in an effort to create social change
  • Ram Vincent-Bryan Community Builders Award: Recognizes an undergraduate student(s) who contributes to the UVM ALANA community through their intentional community building.
  • Rodney S. Patterson Award: Awarded to a first-year student(s) who demonstrates a commitment to academic success and creating a better environment for the UVM ALANA Community.
  • Alan B. Urgent Award: This award recognizes an undergraduate student(s) who embody the spirit of advocacy and social justice.
  • Lufuno Tshikororo Award: Awarded to an undergraduate student(s) who have demonstrated emerging leadership at UVM.
  • Roger Summers Award: Recognizing an undergraduate student(s) who has affected the UVM ALANA community through their leadership and vision.
  • Angela Batista Award: An undergraduate student(s) who has demonstrated a commitment to social justice and change through anti-racist work.
  • Staff and Faculty Award: A staff and/or faculty member who has displayed continual commitment to Leadership, Advocacy, and Social Justice.
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Awarded to a graduate student who has worked to improve the climate at the University of Vermont.
  • Club Advisor:Awarded to an ALANA-affiliated organization’s advisor (formal or informal) for mentorship, guidance, and dedication to student development.

*In the context of race, The ALANA Student Center defines an ally to be someone who possesses a dominant identity (White) and works to build community and education around racial identities that are marginalized on this campus.

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