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Lab Tech Information

As a lab tech in the photography labs there are quite a few things to keep track of including you’re responsibilities in the lab, your scheduales and your training. I have provided as much information on this portion of the website as possible to enable to do your job safely and effectively and to make it all as easy on you as is humanely possible.

I have included links to materials that will help you familiarize yourself with our procedures and learn safe practices in the darkroom. I have also included copies of information that you will use on a daily basis for work including copies of our hard-copy time-sheets and your daily work checklists which you are required to fill out each and every shift that you work

Any questions that you have and more importantly any concerns that have while working in the darkrooms please contact me my email is and you can always reach me by phone at 570-490-2651 if I don’t answer immediately please leave a message and I will respond as quickly as I can. Also please feel free to give me input on what you believe would make our labs run better and safer!

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