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Welcome to the Department of Art and Art History

The Department of Art & Art History offers three programs: Studio Art, Art History, and Art Education. Studio Art and Art History are chosen as majors both by students who see them as an excellent base for a liberal arts education and by those who have aspirations to graduate school and or one of the many possible careers in the arts. Art Education integrates a love of art with a teaching career in elementary, secondary, or alternative environments. We treat these disciplines as closely intertwined. Art History and Studio Art require classes from one another in their curriculums and Art Education melds courses from both with offerings from the College of Education. Thus, students can pursue their specific interests as well as develop a dimensional understanding of the nature of art.

The studio art program emphasizes art-making as a form of creative inquiry and research taking place within a broad historical and cultural context. Courses taken lead to a BA degree with a major in Studio Art.

The study of the history of art at UVM usually begins with courses surveying the broad range of visual expressions found in a variety of cultures. This program leads to B.A. with a major in Art History.

The Art Education program is designed for students with a passion for art and a desire to become art teachers. The course of study leads to a degree in Education and State Certification as an art teacher, pre-kindergarten through grade 12.