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Department of Art and Art History

The Department of Art and Art History offers three programs of study: Studio Art, Art History, and Art Education.

Majors in Studio Art and Art History are chosen by students seeking an excellent foundation for a liberal arts education as well as by those aspiring to graduate study or careers in the arts or arts administration.

The Art Education Program combines coursework in Studio Art and Art History with requirements that lead to a license to teach in public schools, or work in alternative environments such as private schools or museum education.

Each program offers students the opportunity to pursue specific interests while developing an interdisciplinary understanding of the visual arts.


2014 Art Department Honors Awards Recipients

Left to Right:

Rosemary Owen, Jonathan Deangelis, Jordan Lovejoy, Tom Brennan-Department Chair, Jazmine Rodriguez


Hybrid Pheasant, Rothschild Museum, Tring. © Thomas Brennan 2012 (Courtesy of British Museum of Natural History)


Casting Shadows

A University Communications Article about Professor Tom Brennans current exhibtion at Burlington City Arts,  "Darkness From Light".  Please click here to view the full Article.

Full Story >>

Student Opportunities

Internship Grants

Internship opportunities are a valuable asset in an undergraduate education and the Department recognizes that they are usually unpaid or underpaid thus presenting a prohibitive financial burden for our students. We are pleased to provide grants of up to $1,000 of support for students wishing to pursue professional training in the field as an intern. Read More...

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