University of Vermont

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Department of Art and Art History

The Mollie Ruprecht Fund for Visual Arts presents: Harlan Mack

Exhibit and Talk

The Mollie Ruprecht Fund for Visual Arts presents: In Light of Disuse

New Work by Artist Harlan Mack

Exhibit: January 14th – February 1st, 2019

Gallery Talk and Reception: Tuesday, January 29th at 5:30

Francis Colburn Gallery, 307 Williams Hall, 72 University Place, Burlington, VT

Mack’s work employs blacksmithing, steel fabrication, painting, and storytelling to build an expanding, constellated narrative that invites viewers and listeners into an imaginary future. This world is generated and inspired by Harlan’s life experience, exploration and thoughts around community, identity, labor, perception, contemplation, fiction and emergence. His current body of work incorporates brightly painted reclaimed wooden fence and blackened forged steel, constructed in to symbolic references to waste caused by turmoil within his narrative future. Harlan’s use of forged steel faces and animal figures plays as a distilled reference to the elements of complex individuality within any large field of vision. Through this type of distillation and combination, Harlan, invites the viewer to contemplate the many forms of waste in contrast with the potential of disuse as a cornerstone to what comes next.  For more information on the artist, please follow this link: