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Alumni Feature: Madeline Veitch'07

Madeline Veitch graduated from UVM with a double major in Art History and Studio Art in 2007. In Madeline’s senior year at UVM, her unmentionable art project, a quilt pieced together using recycled underwear collected door to door in Burlington’s North End was featured on the local TV news channel WCAX..

After graduating from UVM, Madeline continued her academic studies, completing an M.S. in Library Science from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2012.  In her current position as Research Metadata, and Zine Librarian at SUNY-New Paltz, Madeline integrates her art making activities with her interests in cultural and historical studies. In this position, Madeline serves as the liaison librarian to the Art, Art History, and Graphic Design programs at SUNY-New Paltz, developing the library’s collection of art books while providing research instruction sessions for classes and other means of support to  students in a variety of MFA programs. Madeline founded the New Paltz Zine Library in 2014, a collection that celebrates limited-run publications produced outside of the traditional publishing model. The collection, which also sponsors programming and related classroom instruction, focuses on intersections of identity, fine art zines, and local zines produced in the Hudson Valley.

On her website, Madeline states: “My interests are in forging human connection through the fluid, gross, and basic experiences of embodiment. Past work has included sculpture made from recycled textiles (used underwear, hospital gowns, stained sheets) and transformation of commercial textiles (Abercrombie shirts into strap-on harnesses). I’m currently making zines and online projects that draw source material from historical texts, google search autocompletes, Reddit, angry uteri, and a centenarian neighbor who has made it her life’s work to speak the truth about economic and social inequality.” You can find out more about Madeline’s projects on her website.

An additional quote from Madeline’s website, referring to the collecting processs for her memorable underwear quilt, now in the permanent collection of the Robert Hull Fleming Museum on the University of Vermont campus: “Materials for this quilt were collected door-to-door in the North End of Burlington, Vermont. The final composition is intended to showcase holes, stains, loose threads and frayed elastic. While by no means a homogenous collection, city-wide trends appear among the hundred and some pairs of skivvies. Plaids and flannels play a central role.”