University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Art and Art History

Announcement of Prize, Award, and College Honors Recipients

It is the pleasure of the faculty of the Department of Art and Art History to share the names of those

students who they have selected to receive prizes, awards, and College Honors.


Congratulations and best wishes for future success to the following deserving students:


Senior Prizes

              -Jennifer Goldstein Memorial Award: Rowan Shalit

              -Paul Aschenbach Prize: Julia Blasius

              -Honorable Mention: Grayson Crounse

              -Honorable Mention: Lily Leveret


Junior Prizes

              -Francis Hewitt Scholarship: Tyler Fletcher

              -Ian Edward Crawford Memorial Award: Jun Xiao

              -Vermont Art Supply Award: YanYan Kwan

              -Frank Owen Award:  Lily Barker


Internship Support Awards: Paige Hanley

                                                    Madison Yates

                                                    Julia Blasius

                                                    Haley Crocker


For more information on the prizes and the grant, please go to


College Honors

-Outstanding Seniors in Studio Art: Victoria Cassar

                                                                             Haley Crocker

                                                                             Caitlin Plumer


              -Outstanding Senior in Art History: Rachael Nutt