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Mollie Ruprecht Fund for Visual Arts - Visiting Artist Talk and Exhibit: Eric Hibit


Eric Hibit, Blue Iris on Pink, 2015, acrylic, fabric, wire, resin, wood, 29″ x 34″ x 3″

The University of Vermont Department of Art and Art History

and the Mollie Ruprecht Fund for Visual Art Presents:

Eric Hibit


EXHIBITION: September 21- October 7, Colburn Gallery, Williams Hall UVM, 72 University Place

Gallery hours:

Mondays 3:30 – 5:00

Tuesdays 9:00 – 1:30

Wednesdays 11:00 – 5:00

Thursdays 9:00 – 2:30

Fridays 9:00 – 2:00
Reception: September 22, 3pm

PUBLIC LECTURE: The artist will speak about his work on
Wednesday, September 21, 5:30pm Fleming 101

Color and Identity
In his roundtable discussion the artist will open up questions about color, exploring its relationship to gender, race, class, and other forms of identity. What are our attitudes / beliefs / values / prejudices about color? How does shared cultural taste shape our personal understanding of color? How does color signify, segregate or empower individuals and groups? How have these ideas shaped aesthetic traditions, and how do they relate to contemporary art culture?
Roundtable is Thursday, September 22, 1:30 - 3:00pm in the Colburn Gallery Limited Space, UVM Students and faculty only. RSVP:

About the exhibition:

R*O*Y*G*B*I*V is a comprehensive exhibition that includes three distinct approaches to art-making that comprises Mr. Hibit's practice. Intimately-scaled paintings on paper and masonite panel are meticulously rendered in small dots of acrylic paint, depicting imagery culled from popular culture. In conversation with these works, Mr. Hibit makes sculptural paintings - his so-called armature paintings - that are made by stretching fabric over uncoiled wire. The undulating Baroque-like forms are support for abstract paintings that engage color, gesture, and pattern. Rounding out the exhibition is a floor-to-ceiling installation of ink brush paintings that demonstrate the artist's spontaneous response to imagery.

The varied approaches of the work presented in R*O*Y*G*B*I*V are linked by the artist’s preoccupation with color. In his words: “As a painter, my relationship to color is one of subjective pleasure. However, my private experience of color exists in tension with my understanding of color as taboo in mainstream Western culture. Colorlessness
(black, white, grey, neutrals) carries connotations of purity, integrity, and good taste. Colorfulness is associated with the less powerful: the infantile, the feminine, the queer, and the non-western. Our color taboo demonstrates deeply-held prejudices about what constitutes appropriate behaviors, tastes, and sensibilities for individuals of different genders, ages, classes, races, etc.. I am compelled to respond to this cultural dynamic by producing paintings that dive head first into color.”

Eric Hibit is a visual artist based in Queens, New York. He attended The Corcoran College of Art + Design (BFA) and Yale University School of Art (MFA). He has exhibited in New York at C24 Gallery, Zurcher Gallery, Field Projects, and Underdonk Projects; nationally at Geoffrey Young Gallery in Great Barrington, MA, The Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis, MA, and Curator's Office in Washington, DC.; and internationally at Zurcher Gallery in Paris, France and at The Arctic Circle Residency in Slavbard, Norway. He has taught studio art at Tyler School of Art, NYU, Hunter College and is currently teaching in the Department of Continuing Education at Cooper Union. In 2014, he joined the artist-run gallery Ortega y Gasset Projects.


Image details: Eric Hibit, Blue Iris on Pink, 2015, acrylic, fabric, wire, resin, wood, 29″ x 34″ x 3″ 

Artist in studio image credit info: Courtesy of Alexandre Donato /