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Professor Jane Kent Chosen as Invited Artist for the 2014 International Print Biennale

SKATING, 2011 by Jane Kent / Richard Ford Invited Artist - Susan Tallman

Professor Jane Kent has been selected as one of three international artists to be fetured in one person exhibitions durring the 2014 International Print Biennale.  Each of the three artsits was invited by one of the three members of the selection panel for this year as a special honor for outsanding work in and contributions to printmaking.

The exhibition brings together a shortlist of 37 international artists, selected from submissions of 740 artists from across 42 different countries. The acclaimed selection panel of Stephen Coppel, Modern Prints and Drawings, British Museum; David Nash RA, artist and Susan Tallman, Editor–in-Chief, Art in Print, Chicago, USA have also specially invited a three further artists, Jane Kent, Keith Coventry and Bedwyr Williams, to exhibit their work.

The diverse works, by a mixture of both emerging and established artists, reflect the quality of the submission this year. The exhibitions offer visitors a unique glimpse into a spectrum of contemporary printmaking from across the globe. The shortlisted works will be on display at Hatton Gallery and Northern Print for free from 27 June - 9 August 2014. The winners will be announced on 27 June 2014.

History of the International Print Biennale

When we launched Northern Print Biennale in 2009 we said that it was the first major event for printmaking in the UK for twenty years. The momentum that began in 2009 and gathered real pace in 2011 has brought about an exciting and bold programme for 2014, with new partners across the region and printmaking spilling out from the galleries and into the region with a programme of participatory events.

The Print Awards remain the centrepiece of the programme and this year we received an astounding 740 entries from countries all over the world. Our selectors carried out their task of sifting and reviewing the final artists with great care and I am pleased that the work chosen presents a fascinating snapshot of contemporary printmaking across the globe. Our selectors were also asked to each nominate an artist and we are delighted to be able to present the work of Keith Coventry; Jane Kent and Bedwyr Williams.

For the Print Awards we purposefully decided not to define printmaking and this ethos is seen throughout the programme. If someone was to ask me, "What is printmaking?" I'd no doubt talk about ink, mark-making and techniques, multiples and originals and so on.

But if someone were to ask me "What's so special about printmaking?" I'd talk about people and ideas and how these combine to make something quite extraordinary. I'd talk about the ways of sharing ideas in both the making and dissemination of prints that are unique to this way of working. I've always loved being in a print studio and seeing people negotiating their way around a shared creative space and I am fascinated by what happens between artist and printer when they come together to make a new work.

It is this that gives International Print Biennale its riches; it is very much about the coming together of people and ideas. There have been some great conversations along the way and I know many more will follow these exhibitions and events. Yes, there's plenty to talk about in terms of processes and techniques, but essentially it's the coming together of people and ideas around printmaking that I am so excited about.