English 212: Seminar: Editing and Publishing
Spring 1998 Syllabus

Subject to Change

Date Topic
January 20
  • Class lecture and discussion
  • Refreshments: Kris Barry
January 27
  • Exam
  • Class lecture and discussion
  • Refreshments: Emily Shelling
February 3
  • Guest Appearance: Janet Biehl, Professional copyeditor based in Burlington
  • Student Presentation
  • Refreshments: Alys Spillman
February 10
  • Student Presentation
  • Student Presentation
  • Student Presentation
  • Refreshments: Dan Borok
February 17
  • Student Presentation: Carah Falkin, Typography
  • Refreshments: Kelly O'Donnell
February 24
  • Student Presentation: Kris Barry, Editing or Publicity
  • Refreshments: Dorothy Donnelly and Patrick Reed
March 3
  • Town Meeting Recess
March 10
  • Student Presentation: Kelly O'Donnell, Children's Books (Illustration or Selling)
  • Student Presentation: Dan Morrison, Newsletters/Journals
  • Student Presentation: Dorothy Donnelly
  • Refreshments: Krista Cheney
March 16-20
  • Spring Recess - No Class
March 24
  • Student Presentation: Dan Borok, Upper Management in Publishing
  • Student Presentation: Alys Spillman, Publishing Fantastic Literature
  • Student Presentation: Robert Rogers, Editing Fiction
  • Refreshments: Kate Thornton
March 31
  • Guest Appearance: TBA
  • Student Presentation: International Publishing
  • Student Presentation: Ralph Henry, Outdoor Cookbook
  • Refreshments: David Bell
April 7
  • Guest Appearance: Jen Ingersoll, Editor, Williamson Publishing Company
  • Refreshments: Tashia Robinson
April 14
  • Student Presentation: Krista Cheney, Self-Publishing or Self-employment in publishing
  • Student Presentation: David Bell, Start-up Magazine: IKON
  • Student Presentation: Adam Robinson, Copyediting Philosophy
  • Refreshments: Emily Schelling and Scott Corrao
April 21
  • Guest apprearance: Debbie Salomon, Lifestyles and Food Editor, Burlington Free Press
  • Student Presentation: Chris Hanson, What Make a Good Nutrition Editor
  • Refreshments: Dan Morrison
April 28
  • Student Presentation: Patrick Reed, Magazine Design, Typography
  • Student Presentation: Tashia Robinson, Undecided
  • Student Presentation: Scott Corrao, Pitching a Screenplay
  • Refreshments: Adam Robinson
April 29
  • Classes End
April 30
  • Exams/Reading Days Begin
May 1
  • Exam, 4 p.m.
May 8
  • Exams/Reading Days End


Publisher's Weekly, supplied gratis

Huenefeld, John. The Huenefeld Guide to Book Publishing, Revised 5th Edition, Mills & Sanderson: Bedford, 1993.

Any recently published handbook of English that has the latest (1995) MLA guidelines for preparing and documenting a research paper.

The latest MLA recommendations for how to cite electronic sources are not available in book from yet but are available on the the web: Citing Electronic Sources

For additional information regarding MLA visit their website.

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