University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Anthropology

Full-Time Faculty

Deborah Blom

Associate Professor & Chair

Bioarchaeology, Identity, Social Complexity, Childhood; Andean South America

On Sabbatical Fall 2015: . Williams Hall Room 508

John Crock

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Director, Consulting Archaeology Program

Archaeology; Northeast, Caribbean

Office Hours: by appointment Delehanty Hall, Trinity Campus

Jennifer Dickinson

Associate Professor

Linguistic Anthropology, Anthropology of Work,Post-socialism, Advertising, Media;Sign languages; Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Transcarpathia

Office Hours:Wednesday 2:00-3:00, Thursday 10:30-11:30, or by appointment. Williams Hall, Room 514A

Benjamin Eastman

Assistant Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology, Political Anthropology, Socialism/Post-Socialism, Nationalism, Crisis, Ritual, Performance, Sports; Cuba, Latin America

Office Hours:Wednesday 2:00 - 4:00 or by appointment. Williams Hall, Room 501

Robert Gordon


Cultural Anthropology, Social Change, Development, Politics, Law, Visual Anthropology; Africa, Papua New Guinea

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30 - 10:30 or by appointment. Williams Hall, Room 517

Catherine Holly


Sociocultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Business and Applied Anthropology, Coffee Culture, Development, Biological and Forensic Anthropology

Office Hours:By appointment only. Williams Hall

Emily Manetta

Associate Professor

Linguistics (syntax), Sociolinguistics; South Asia

Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00-11:30 or by appointmet. Williams Hall, Room 514

Teresa Mares

Assisant Professor

Cultural Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Sustainable Food Systems, Food Security, Latino/a Immigration, Environmental and Food Justice Movements

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 1:30 - 2:30 or by appointment. Williams Hall, Room 501

Jeanne Shea

Associate Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Health, Gender, Aging, Family, Elder Caregiving, Generational Differences, Social Change; China, North America

Office Hours:On Sabbatical Fall 2015. Williams Hall, Room 515

Jonah Steinberg

Assistant Professor

Cultural Anthropology, Transnational and Global Communities, Responses to Marginality and Social Crisis, Migration and Diaspora; Islam, South Asia, Indic diasporas including Romani Gypsies, Indian Ocean, Himalaya

Office Hours:Wednesday 1:00 - 2:30 or by appointment. Williams Hall, Room 510


Scott Van Keuren

Associate Professor and Acting Chair (Fall 2014)

Archaeology, American Southwest and Ancestral Pueblo Community Organization, Craft Production and Socio-Political Complexity, Pottery Style and Technology, Public Archaeology, Museology; North America

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 12:00 - 1:00 or by appointment. Williams Hall, Room 504

Luis Vivanco


Cultural and Environmental Anthropology, Political Ecology, Knowledge and Science, Media, Mobility, Tourism; Latin America

Office Hours:Monday 3:00 - 4:40, Thursday 12:00 -1:30 or by appointment. Williams Hall, Room 512


Anthropologists in Other Departments

Vicki Brennan

Associate Professor of Religion

Cultural Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Religion, Performance, Politics, Gender, Sound, Diaspora; Yoruba, Nigeria, Africa

Office: 481 Main Street, Rm 101

Todne Thomas Chipumuro

Assistant Professor of Religion

Sociocultural Anthropology, Religion, Kinship Studies, Sociality, Ethnicity; African Diaspora Studies, Caribbean Studies, US South

Office: 481 Main Street, Rm 202

Charles Knight

Lecturer, Anthropology
Assistant Director, Consulting Archaeology Program

Archaeology of the Northeasern US and Mesoamerica

Ann M Kroll Lerner

Director, Office of Undergraduate Research

Archaeology, Cultural Identity, Mortuary Studies; Western Siberia, North America (midwest)


Amy Trubek

Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

Culinary Anthropology, Taste of Place, Anthropology of the Senses; Western Europe, US

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