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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Anthropology

How should I plan out my major?

All students majoring in Anthropology should carefully consult the major worksheet:

Downloadable major planning worksheet

The Anthropology Department strongly recommends taking all four introductory classes as early as possible in your major, preferably by the end of the first semester of your junior year, or within a year of declaring your anthropology major. Completing the introductory courses will allow you to move on to upper-level courses in any of the subfields, to complete your two-subfield 100-level requirement in any of the subfields you choose, and to focus on “customizing” your major by taking classes that interest you the most.

Depending on how many anthropology classes you take per semester, you may be able to begin taking 100-level courses while completing the introductory sequence, and you should complete two 100-level classes in Anthropology and achieve junior standing before taking 200-level courses.

Total credits: Thirty-three (33) hours in Anthropology.

1.  Four core courses (12 credits): ANTH 021, ANTH 024, ANTH 026, ANTH 028

2. Two 100-level courses in two different subfields (6 credits). Choose two of the following:

Archaeology Subfield:

ANTH 104, ANTH 130, ANTH 134, ANTH 135, ANTH 160, ANTH 161, ANTH 164, ANTH 167, ANTH 188

Biological Anthropology Subfield:

ANTH 140, ANTH 172, ANTH 174, ANTH 187, ANTH 189

Cultural Anthropology Subfield:

ANTH 102, ANTH 103, ANTH 123, ANTH 125, ANTH 127, ANTH 151, ANTH 152, ANTH 153, ANTH 155, ANTH 160, ANTH 161, ANTH 162, ANTH 165, ANTH 166, ANTH 169, ANTH 172, ANTH 174, ANTH 179, ANTH 180, ANTH 181, ANTH 183, ANTH 184, ANTH 185, ANTH 187, ANTH 189

Linguistic Anthropology Subfield:

ANTH 142, ANTH 176 (may repeat for credit with different content), ANTH 178

3. Three additional courses at the 100- or 200-level (9 credits).

4. Two courses at the 200-level (6 credits) - (only 3 credits from ANTH 200 will count toward this requirement).

Additional Notes:

The department will indicate which subfield requirements ANTH 195/196 courses fulfill.

ISSP thesis (ANTH 190) and internship (ANTH 201) courses will not count toward the 33 credits required for the anthropology major.

Students can count only 3 credits out of ANTH 197/198, 297/298, or HON 202/203 toward the major.

Courses will only apply toward the major requirements if they are taken as a block of three credits in a single semester.

Students planning to pursue a graduate degree are encouraged to take an appropriate mixture of methods and theory courses at the 200-level.


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