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Anthropology at UVM: A culture of firsts

One of the first, if not the first, undergraduate course in anthropology in the U.S. was taught here in 1886. Explore Anthropology.

Anthropology at UVM: A firm grounding in all areas of the discipline

Anthropolgy facultyAlthough our faculty is deeply committed to research and other scholarly activities, we see our primary mission as providing a first-rate undergraduate education. Our majors are well-prepared in the areas of archaeology, biological anthropology, sociocultural anthropology and linguistic anthropology. Many have even gone on to graduate work in anthropology and have shared feedback that this firm grounding in all four areas of the discipline has helped them succeed.

Major, minor, get your hands dirty

Through the four areas of discipline, we are committed to providing students with a comprehension of the variations in human populations and a sensitivity to cultural differences.

Learning happens in the classroom and in the field:

  • Hands-on courses: Field Work in Archaeology; Methods of Ethnographic Field Work
  • Topical classes based on faculty research: Law, War and Disorder; Anthropology of Media
  • Lab facilities: Provide training for students interested in archaeology, human osteology, and forensic anthropology
  • Consulting Archaeology Program (CAP): Gain experience in hands-on archaeology and employment
  • Readings and Research program: Students pursue their own interests by working with an appropriate faculty member
  • College Honors: For the highly motivated student wishing to prepare a major research project

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