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Research and Animal Welfare

Standards of Care

UVM's Animal Care program is fully accredited by AAALAC, International ("Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care"). Members of AAALAC are committed to providing a level of animal care that meets and exceeds standards required by regulatory agencies. AAALAC provides a mechanism for peer assessment and continual improvement of the welfare of animals used in research at UVM.

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) reviews each research or teaching protocol which seeks to utilize animals at the University of Vermont. Proposed activities may proceed ONLY after the IACUC grants approval for the protocol.

  • The IACUC consists of a group of scientists and non-scientists from the UVM community, along with a non-affiliated ("community") member and the attending veterinarian. UVM's IACUC meets monthly to review any proposed use of animals.
  • In the process of reviewing proposed animal use, the IACUC may ask for clarifications or stipulations prior to approval or may with-hold approval. Animal activities may not begin without the approval of the IACUC.
  • Among the items carefully reviewed by the IACUC are the researcher's plan for appropriate anesthesia and analgesia (pain relief) for any procedures which may cause more than momentary pain or distress to the animal.
  • The IACUC conducts semi-annual reviews of the Animal Care Program and all facilities in which animals are housed or in which animal procedures take place. These inspections include the facilities housing agricultural animal species (cattle and horses).
  • The IACUC also is responsible for reviewing any reported animal welfare concerns.

UVM is an AAALAC-accredited animal research program.

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