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Department of Asian Languages and Literatures

Asian Languages and Literatures at UVM - Faculty

Ms. Kazuko Suzuki Carlson
Senior Lecturer of Japanese

M.A., Teaching ESL, Saint Michael's College, 2002
Course Offerings:  Japanese language (JAPN 001/002, JAPN 101/102, JAPN 201/202).

Ms. Mutsumi Corson

Director, Japanese Program

Senior Lecturer of Japanese

M.A., Teaching ESL, St. Michael's College, 1989

Research Interest: Language pedagogy
Course Offerings:  Japanese language (JAPN 051/052, JAPN 121/122, JAPN 221/222).


Mr. Zhi Guo
Visiting Lecturer of Chinese
M.A., Beijing Language University, China, 2008

Course Offerings: Chinese language (CHIN 051/052, CHIN 295/296)


Ms. Xiaohong Hou
Visiting Lecturer of Chinese
M.A., Beijing Normal University, China, 2004
Course Offerings: Chinese language (CHIN 001/002, CHIN 195/196)

Kyle Keoni Ikeda
Assistant Professor of Japanese
Ph.D., University of Hawaii, Manoa, 2007
Research Interest: Okinawan literature, war memory, second generation trauma, war survivor narratives
Course Offerings: Japanese (JAPN 001/002), Traditional and Modern Japanese Literature in Translation (WLIT 195/196).


Mr. Darius Jonathan
Senior Lecturer of Arabic

ABD in Linguistics, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Course Offerings: Elementary Arabic, Intermediate Arabic, Arabic Language and Islamic Culture.

Ms. Diana Sun
Senior Lecturer of Chinese
M.A., St. Louis University, Missouri, 1991
Course Offerings:  Chinese Language (CHIN 001/002, CHIN 101/102, CHIN 295/296).

Ms. Huili Sun
Visiting Lecturer of Chinese
M.Ed., Beijing Language University, China, 2007

Course Offerings:  Chinese language (CHIN 001/002, CHIN 201/202).

Dr. John Jing-hua Yin

Associate Professor of Chinese
Ph.D., SUNY-Buffalo, 1995
Research interests:  Chinese language pedagogy, Chinese writing system.
Course Offerings:  Chinese language (CHIN 051/052), Chinese characters (CHIN 020), Chinese literature in English translation (WLIT 110), Chinese culture (GRS 005/006).


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