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Faculty - Kyle Keoni Ikeda

Kyle Ikeda

Kyle Keoni Ikeda  

Associate Professor of Japanese

  • Ph.D., University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2007
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Contact Information
Phone: (802) 656-1044
Office: Rm. 303, 479 Main Street
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Teaching and Advising: Professor Ikeda teaches pre-modern Japanese literature (WLIT 109), Japanese Popular Culture and Globalization (JAPN 095), The Pacific War in Japanese Literature (WLIT 195), Modern Japanese literature (WLIT 119) and Fiction in Japanese (JAPN 296). He is also a faculty co-director of the Japanese House and faculty advisor for the UVM Taiko and UVM Anime Clubs.

Research: Professor Ikeda's research interests are in contemporary Japanese and Okinawan literature about the Asia Pacific War, trauma and transgenerational trauma in Japanese and Okinawan fiction, war memory and narrative, and literary translation.

Selected Publications: Professor Ikeda’s book Okinawan War Memory: Transgenerational Trauma and the Fiction of Medoruma Shun (Routledge, 2014) analyzes representations of war memory and trauma in the imaginative fiction of Okinawan writer Medoruma Shun. Professor Ikeda wrote the 'Afterword' for Medoruma Shun's novelIn the Woods of Memory (2017) and his article "Writing and Remembering the Battle of Okinawa: War Memory and Literature" appears in the Routledge Handbook of Modern Japanese Literature (2016). His translation of Medoruma’s “Mabuigumi” (Spirit Stuffing) appears in the literary journal  Fiction International (2007), and in Living Spirit: Literature and Resurgence in Okinawa (2011).