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Quick fact:

Asia has more than 3 billion population and over 70 different daily used languages. We offer the languages of the two biggest economies in Asia and two of the five official languages of the United Nations.

Why study Asian Languages and Literatures?

We live in a world in which Asia is increasingly relevant to Western lives. Our department's goal is to provide the best possible instruction in the languages and literatures of Asian countries and to increase the understanding of, and ability to function in that world.

What is the curriculum for a major in Asian Languages and Literatures?

Our Chinese and Japanese language, literature, and culture classes as well as Arabic language and culture classes will provide students with the means to read, write, speak, and understand the major languages of Asia, and give students knowledge and appreciation of the rich literary heritage of Asian and Arabic civilizations. The Chinese Language Program and the Japanese Language Program of the department currently offer Chinese and Japanese majors and minors.

  • Chinese language: from everyday communication to advanced readings
  • Modern Chinese prose and short stories
  • Classical Chinese literature in translation
  • Individual research projects
  • Japanese language: from everyday communication to advanced readings
  • Japanese texts
  • Pre-modern and Modern Japanese literature in translation
  • Special research projects and topics

Faculty who are experts in Asian languages and cultures

Aside from being experts in Asian languages and literatures, our faculty knowledgeable about Asian cultures and are specialists in teaching Asian languages to American college students. They share a passion for their specialized language and culture and enjoy helping students to learn.

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