Café con Leche Proposal Form

During your planning, please consider that we will be looking for topics that intersect with the needs and issues of an aspect of the Latino/a and Hispanic community or experience. Go beyond what has always been done and ask yourself and your organization, why this would make a great Café. How does it relate to those in the Latino Community? What can/will it teach to those who attend the Café and want to learn about Latinos and _______?

Also a topic does not have to be geared towards all Latinos; specific cultural pieces, social issues, crossovers, nationalities, and identities are totally appropriate. Consider the following example of a planning process: Idea for Topic Ask why this topic as a Café Create the Connections Final Idea.

Some themes can be:
Remember these are very broad themes. Feel free to get as specific and narrowly focused as you would like. If you have an idea don’t try to force it into one of these themes, and don’t abandon it. This list is by no means all inclusive, and is a living thing which will grow as you and others bring new ideas and topics to light.




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