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Disclaimer: These minutes are not intended to be a verbatim or detailed transcription of the actual meetings, but rather bullets of agenda items discussed.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Minutes taken by: Parvin

Present at meeting:

Mary Brown Guillory, Parvin Pothiawala, Varna Ramaswamy, Guillermo Rodrigoez, Leslye Kornegay, Wanda Heading Grant, Julia Young, Salim Ali, Ramani Sundaraju, Sherwood Smith, Ricardo(dropped by).


Co- Secretary Opening:

Mary talked about co- Secretary- Dana Hard has offered to volunteer as co- Secretary until spring 2008. Dana already helped drafting fund letter. It was mentioned that we could elect co-secretary; doing so would disrupt the election norm.

It was decided that Dana will be Interim Co Secretary.


Budget for fiscal year July 2007 -June 2008 for Alco is $ 500.00. The funds are low this year due to the fact that there is a reduction in central funds and that we did not use up allocated funds.

ALANA Coalition has received donations from:

Wanda Heading Grant from Provost Office donated $ 300.00
Stacey Miller of Residential Life, donated $ 250.00

It was stated that we need to raise supplemental funds from different departments. A fundraising letter was drafted and is up for review; which need to have specific programs, activities (educational as well as social) that will retain the staff and faculty. Also, follow up with the department heads once the letter is sent out (Who will do this?). Bring in honorarium speakers. The programs should have dates attached. It was mentioned that ALANA Coalition should create a table of explicit activities to send out with fund raising letter.

Once the funds are received, the dept heads who contributed funds should be recognized in the year end in the form of Thank You Certificate or in the end of the year report put all the donors Names.

Wanda described what Alco is all about and its formation, oldest commission and how it began in 1970 formally formed a group to support and retain diverse faculty and staff. Later on addition of diverse Graduate Student.


ALANA Coalition schedule for the year was reviewed, some dates need to be corrected in the webpage.

It was discussed to have a Holiday Potluck Celebration at either Allen House or Blundell house, to support diversity.
Mary will check the available dates at the locations.

Beverly Colston's requested that Mary bring her idea to ALANA Coalition about having ALANA Student Center and ALANA Coalition Welcome Back picnic together. Some thoughts: ALANA Coalition Welcome picnic has become signature on campus. The ALANA Student Center's welcome back celebration is very large; the fear is it may get lost in the big crowd on campus. We need to maintain ALANA Coalition's identity. It may be possible to have other activities on campus together throughout the year.


Wanda brought an important point that Alco co-chairs need to be aware of the social and political activities going on at UVM and have up to date knowledge in order to have specific issues addressed as Alco. Wanda will pass on diversity related events and these activities to the co chairs.

Arrange for Deans and meet with President early on as their schedules get full.

Meeting adjourned at 1.00pm.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I. Nominations for Slate of Officers:

Elections will be held during the Apr. 18th meeting
Positions include: Co-chairs, secretary, and member-at-large

Wanda reviewed the process for nominations again. There was a brief discussion about the duties of each office. A brief description of each position was discussed and written up during the meeting. This
information will be posted on ALCOlistserv by next Monday (3/26).

Nominations were also put forth for Co-chair: Josie Herera, Mary Guillory
Secretary: Adriana
Member at Large: Varna Ramaswamy

It was proposed that ALCO would also support a co-secretary option

II. Farewell Reception Planning: Location, Type of Event

It was reported that ALCO had $655.00 available for use. Places suggested included: Waterman Manor (currently reserved), Memorial Lounge, Allen House, and the new Davis Center (?)
The idea of BBQ type food again was suggested.
The idea of music from around the world was suggested (members would bring a favorite CD)
There was some discussion about any other end of the semester events to keep in mind so as not to create a conflict
The question arose about whether any members were needing any special acknowledgments. This led to the idea of inviting members of the Committee that proposed the 6-credit diversity requirement, the
President, the Provost, DCRC Committee, The Deans who met with ALCO, and Bob Larson.

Respectfully submitted,

Juliet Young

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I. Viability of ALCO

There were strong convictions about the fact that the ALANA
Coalition has served as a safe haven for many, especially those in
attendance. Many expressed that they simply could not image not having ALCO

Comments were made that no other "grass roots" entity exists for
persons of color on campus. In addition, no other group exists for
persons of color to speak frankly, find support, socialize, meet
incoming graduate students, staff and faculty of color on campus, etc.

The point was also raised that historically speaking, there has
always been fluidity in ALCO's scope and focus. During it's history,
the scope has always shifted between a more or less political vs. social
and formal vs. informal entity as issues arose on campus.

There was some discussion about ALCO having more appeal to
international students, staff, faculty. Although ALCO does not have a
specific international focus, ALL persons of color are welcome. The
suggestion was then made that perhaps, an educational piece during
social gatherings might be useful.

Reference was made to the previous organization, known as, The Black
and Third World Educators Organization. The suggestion was made to have
one of the former chairs of this group come and address what they see as
ALCO's ongoing mission today, particularly in light of all of the
President's Commissions. However, it was agreed that ALCO's mission has
always been different than that of the PCORE and PCRD.

There was overall agreement and consensus that ALCO needs to continue
to exist, whatever its scope and focus.

And finally, there was a brief discussion about whether or not to
have an official office (physical space) for the ALANA Coalition on
campus. But given the challenge of human resources, and meeting times
that work best for most people, this issue was seen as premature.

II. Elections - Nominations due March 20th

Elections Apr. 18th
Positions: Co-chairs
Member at large
Web master - appointed by Executive Board

The current officers of ALCO will be stepping down. Annual
elections are coming up. All in attendance agreed that this year,
elections are critical. There was passionate discussion about all
members coming out to nominate future officers, and to cast their vote.

The plan for nominations: Each member would contact 2-3 people,
personally, about coming to Mar. 21st general meeting, and ask each one
about considering a leadership role. Please DO NOT nominate anyone that
you have not spoken with directly. Nominations are due by Tuesday, Mar.
20th Please submit names to Wanda or Erin.

III. New Board of Trustees Structure

Item was tabled until next general -meeting

IV. Update by Associate Provost for Multicultural Affairs

Item was tabled until next general meeting

Respectfully submitted

Juliet Young


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Minutes of ALCO guest meeting with Dean Eleanor Miller

Today, ALCO met with Eleanor Miller, Dean of the College of Arts and
Sciences. She began by expressing that her background includes both
British and Portuguese relatives. As such, she has always felt akin to
diversity issues, despite the fact that she does not "appear" to be a
person of color.

She also made reference to two previous stints at the University of
Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where she worked for 25 years, prior to coming to
UVM. Her dissertation was done on very poor women of color. Her
research showed that prostitution and drugs were only one of several
means by which very poor women tried to provide for themselves.

Dean Miller began with an observation about being in Vermont, and at
UVM. She saw definite contrasts in the relationship between
accountability to constituency groups as a result of community activism,
and how much the diversity agenda was advanced on her campus. She
attributed this in part to the fact that 35% of the broader population
in Milwaukee is diverse. And, there is a large Native American
population. This is not the same in the greater Burlington area. She
also spoke about the connectedness of individuals to their families - a
fact which greatly influenced their willingness to leave the area to
obtain an education. It also caused them to really value higher
education, since it was seen as a sacrifice for them to obtain one.
This was both rewarding and challenging. But overall, she observed more
of a hunger and appreciation for the opportunities.

Dean Miller also observed the lack of emphasis on international
recruiting. This was shocking to her, if for no other reasons than the
trends in national demographics and their implications for the student
population on campuses across the country in the future. In addition,
the cost of coming to UVM is moving out of the grasp of our own
students. She expressed a concern that recruiting international
students should be a concern of ours for three reasons: 1) It's
strategic 2) Our survival depends on it 3) This can be an important
future source of support later, as these students graduate and become a
source of financial support for other international students.

Dean Miller stated that UVM could hire companies to recruit for us. A
more important piece is the need for an added infrastructure. UVM would
need people versed in immigration law, visas, NAFTA, SEVA, etc. Issues
around homeland security have been known to make it difficult sometimes
for a student to go home and then try to return to the US.

Dean Miller stated that she saw her "goal" as strengthening faculty and
staff recruitment procedures. She feels that this is directly related
to retention of faculty and staff of color (i.e., a critical mass of
colleagues is as much a factor as money, in Vermont). She has already
turned back several searches due to a lack of diversity in the pool. K.
Friedman also meets with every search committee to discuss how to create
a more diverse pool.

Dean Miller also addressed the issue of cluster hires. For her, this
practice could be maximized if it included discussions with deans and
faculty across other disciplines. How a job is described can increase
this occurrence. We could also do a better job of identifying people
who have had successful outcomes in helping to create a climate of
diversity within various departments.

She also felt that junior faculty could and should be used as part of
the recruitment strategies. Henderson Fellows could be selected with an
eye on the future needs within the various academic units.

When asked, "How does one transfer from one kind of search strategy to
another?," Dean Miller replied:

1) Someone in AA/EO level, like Kathryn, needs to look at all
candidates at any given time
2) Associate Deans need to be appointed to track departmental
efforts around diversification of faculty and staff
3) We need to do a better job building on our successes

When asked, "How do you see the implementation of a 6 credit diversity
course requirement impacting our diversity goals?"

Dean Miller expressed mixed feelings about this. Mandating anything can
always be a recipe for disaster. On the other hand this could be good,
since a large percentage of faculty teaching around these issues would
be white (as long as the tendency to invite faculty of color in on
diversity issues does NOT become a trend. Alternatively, faculty of
color should be invited in to discuss other issues within their
expertise). Eventually, a self selection process will occur - hopefully
taught by some faculty of color. Dean Miller said that her
recommendation would be a process of curriculum transformation. This
would allow for more ownership of these issues within each discipline,
rather than having these issues "over there."

On a related note, she spoke about establishing a BA in global studies -
Chinese and Japanese language classes. She saw Vermont as very
provincial for the coming changes.

Respectfully submitted,

Juliet Young


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Opening Welcome by ALCO Co-Chairs:
*Welcoming remarks, introduction of *ALCO* executive committee
members, and review of today's process by Erin Baker and Wanda

*Introduction of Provost John Hughes -* Wanda Heading Grant

*Provost John Hughes

*Provost Hughes talked about the influence of his own bi-racial
upbringing during the 50's-60's in America, and how this influenced his
views about educating people to work in a diverse world

As far as the VP for multicultural affair position, the Provost
stated that he was looking for:
A full partner (he said there was a rich pool of candidates)
Public visibility (someone who can speak with the full authority
and responsibility
A national search (not necessarily)
A long term vision (still in the development stage)

Observations during the past 3 months:

1) Lots of search committees on campus (but not very diverse);
also with respect to faculty/staff ratio
2) Remarkable dedication to diversity by many people (not
necessarily well coordinated - creating what he referred to as
"diversity clutter") Campus Climate Report also suggests some gender
issues that need to be addressed
3) Admissions (diversity recruiting)

*President Daniel Fogel

1) President Fogel stated that since his recent return from
medical leave, there were recommendations from all of the UVM
Presidential Commissions, on his desk
2) Diversity Caucus - Arts & Sciences Dept. faculty recruiting
3) The creation of 81 new tenure tract positions and regular
positions has not kept pace with the growth of diversity in the student body
4) Detailed agenda being sent to the Board of Trustees on Thursday

*Questions to the President and Provost regarding their opening remarks
and previously established questions

1) Could you talk about the RPT (Re-appointment, Promotion and Tenure)
process in relation to faculty of color? There is a concern that social
justice as a focus by faculty does not seem to be valued


These decisions fall under the domain of the faculty, but keep in mind
that they are under a bargaining unit (UA)
The Standards Committee guides this process (i.e., where we assign
weights/values in the process is complicated)

Observation - UVM has lots of associate professors (some should have
been promoted by now. This underscores the importance of a mentoring
process to help them move to the next level)

This is also related to the hiring process
Each academic unit is ultimately the genesis of these issues
However, administration does play a strong role in keeping these
issues in the forefront

*2) What is your opinion on the restructuring of the B.O.T. into 2 mega
committees? Will these changes impact the current Sub-committee on

President / Provost:

*The B.O.T. also expressed this concern. Time has been built in
for a Diversity Committee meeting. The hope is to get a new VP for
multicultural affairs in place soon.

The bottom line is that UVM is not plowing new ground. The
restructuring is an attempt to get all members at one table on the same
day. But this is also partly the result of the question of what
questions should come to the B.O. T. Obviously, the establishment of a
campus-wide course on diversity was one of those issues.

*3) What is the status of a task force for more diverse faculty?


There is a paucity of persons of color rising to the ranks of the
Standards Committee (even probationary appointments)

We don't do enough senior level hiring/hires. Some of this is the
direct result of voluntary separations

The Standards Committee members are elected officials, and are an
advisory committee to the President

*4) How do we ensure that the ALANA Coalition remains actively involved
in searches for new faculty, staff and graduate students of color? The
communication loop about searches on campus is not as strong as it was
in the past. In part, this is related to the loss of a staff position
in the Office of the VP for Multicultural Affairs.


This office has and will undergo some staffing changes. But there
will be a staff person responsible to the VP position (maybe not only to
them, but there will be someone hired). Searches will continue to
actively invite faculty, staff and student representation

*Additional comments, questions, and/or interests

Wrap up and thank yous to President and Provost and attendees

Other ALCO business (ALCO calendar, next meeting, etc.)


Juliet Young


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I. Welcome

II. Vice Provost for Multicultural Affairs Position - this position will be open next year. Willi will be officially on leave. ALCO discussed how we might approach this vacancy. This is a strategic position because it oversees responsibilites for four programs at UVM:

The Henderson Fellowship Program
The Abnaki Program (Native American Outreach)
Strategic Curriculum Development (the former Faculty Incentive Fund)
6 Unit Diversity Requirement

ALCO decided to draft a letter the Provost expressing our concerns about the importance of these programs and the need to carefully consider who will continue their forward movement so that the current momentum will not be lost.

III. Provost Search Committee - there will be a vacancy here as well, as Provost Bramley steps down at the end of the academic year. ALCO discussed the current makeup of the search committee. And the pros and cons of whether or not ALCO wants to continue to meet with each candidate as the ALANA Coalition, or as part of various "diversity groups."

IV. Guest Speakers for next semester - tabled until the December meeting

V. Next Guest Speaker - Dr. Don DeHayes, Dean of the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources will speak on Nov. 30, 2005, Billings MLK Lounge, 1-2 p.m.

1) Saturday, November 19, 2005 - Vermont Pakistan Relief Fund - is hosting a luncheon to benefit more the 3 millions victims of the recent earth quake in Kashmir. Where: International Commons, St. Michaels College, from 11 a.m.-4:00 p.m. This is home cooked Pakistani food.
All proceeds will go to the victims. Parvin has tickets ($10 each)

2) Thursday, December 1, 2005 - A memorial Service honoring Mrs. Rosa Parks will be held in Ira Allen Chapel, 1-3 p.m. - flyers were distributed

Respectfully submitted, Juliet Young

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Today's guest was Robert Taylor, Political Science professor, and Dean of the Honors College. He gave a brief background history of the college. It is two years old - commencing in the Fall of 2004 with 100 students enrolled.. Previously, three colleges had honors programs at UVM. The new Honors College grew out of President Fogel's desire to establish a college for units without access to an honors program. He felt this would:

1) Make the program available university-wide; 2) Allow for bridge building across units on campus (on a decentralized campus); 3) Provide bridge building for faculty and staff in the academic community across disciplines

An Honors College committee drafted a proposal. It's design was approved by the faculty senate. An Honors College Council was established. The curriculum is not meant to be a replacement program for home units, but an academically challenged environment to enrich / supplement them.

The first year all incoming students take the same Ethics course (taught in 5 sections of 20 students apiece). This course allows students to explore the ethical dilemmas encountered in the country's major institutions. The rationale for this course was twofold:
1) A course that was substantively defensible - with far reaching impact for all students; and 2) A course to allow students to commiserate together over a common concern

The second year students can choose from among twelve 3-credit courses in the fall or spring, in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and english

The third year, the student's home units oversee a 3-credit seminar to help begin the process of researching and narrowing down a topic for their senior thesis or project. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for URECA (Undergraduate research grants), which gives students in-depth research experience, and allows them to work side-by-side with a faculty mentor in a research laboratory.

The fouth year, the student's home units oversee a 6-credit thesis or project approved by the home school or college. This could be research or service oriented

With the 2005 Fall enrollment, the Honors College grew to 300. It hopes to reach its capacity for 700 in 2007.

Faculty submit proposals for courses to be taught in the Honors College. Courses are reviewed annually (some may repeat, some may be dropped, others may be added).

There is an honors residence hall on campus, to provides students with an intellectually stimulating climate in which to pursue their studies. Plans are currently underway to move into the North Quad of University Heights in January of 2006.

Any student can participate in the Honors College. Some units make this easier, some harder. There are currently two ways students may enter:
1) As first year students - this is based on the strength of their high school performance
2) As sophomores at UVM - this is based on the strength of their performance at UVM - this is more atypical across the U.S.

Current projects the Honors college in presently undertaking:
3 day faculty seminars - up to 35 faculty have attended, representing all schools
The Honors College does not currently award scholarships; it has about $10, 000 for 300 students. It is currently building a merit scholarship fund to help attract outstanding students.

ALANA representation in the Honors College is comparable to the ratio of students on campus. Of 92 students admitted in 2004, 7 were invited, 1 accepted. This year, of 110 admitted, 5 were invited, 0 accepted. These students chose to go somewhere with higher prestige. Sophomore year recruits are easier.

A question arose about whether the Honors College could offer a program that would be more attractive to an ALANA student.

Respectfully submitted, Juliet Young
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Provost Search Committee - J. Aleong sent an email request to ALCOlistserv that ALCO have a representative on the Provost Search Committee. Members felt this was a good idea. J. Herrera volunteered if needed. This representation need not be limited to just an ALCO representative, but could include other persons of color within the UVM community as well. ALCO will draft a letter to Provost rquesting representation on Provost search committee.

Activities / Event Planning - There was discussion about ALCO collaborating, again, with CCP for a 2005 Fall film or event. Nov. 9th had previously been set aside as the potential day. Two ideas were discussed - a film, and a panel discussion. CCP is considering a workshop around the film / documentary: The Color of Fear: The Actors Speak." After some discussion, it was decided that a panel discussion would be desired. Topics included: Who is a minority? What can we learn from Hurricane Katrina?

Feedback on all recent ALCO events - The BBQ was well attended. There were also five who met at the Windjammer for our 1st Wednesday after work social.

Next Guest Speaker - Robert Taylor, Dean of the Honors College will be our next guest speaker on Wednesday, Oct. 26th, 2005. This meeting will be held in Grace Coolidge, from 1-2 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Juliet Young
Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dr. Robert Lawson, Chair of the President's Commission on Racial Diversity was today's guest speaker. Prof. Lawson spoke briefly about the history of the the current Commission, which grew out of the President's Task Force on Racial Diversity, established in January 2002. The current Commission is made of up about 25 members consisting of administrators, faculty, staff and students. It's mission includes: making recommendations to the President, promoting diversity through active recruitment and retention programs, fostering the creation a university-wide educational requirement on issues of U.S. race and racism for UVM students, strengthening of professional development programs for faculty and staff, and maintaining a strategic focus on racial diversity at UVM.

Professor Lawson brought along a copy of the most recent report entitled: Report on President's Commission on Racial Diversity: Progress and New Initiatives." This was released on August 26th 2005. Members could sign up to receive a copy as an email attachment.

One outcome of the report was the need to establish at least four task forces to look more closely at recruitement and retention issues, faculty issues, staff issues, and student issues.

There was a discussion about areas of collaboration between ALCO with theCommission that included - Concerns about the greensheets process. This is an important system (does the self-monitoring process pose a built in liability?). Where does one go with a grievance about this process? Most faculty of color are disproportionately represented when it comes to diversity courses, untenured as well.
- Faculty and staff mentoring programs
- Retention issues. Are there any protocols for feedback during exit interviews? A 10 question computerized system has been proposed.
- ALCO writing a letter to the Provost and President in support of the Commission's recommendations
- Honors College - Is this an elite group? How is diversity reflected in this environment?
- How does the presence of a bargaining unit impact on progress around these issues now?
- Contact Office of Institutional Studies for statistics on last four years. Where are we? What programs are in place. Which have been the most successful? - On Nov. 11th The B.O.T. Diversity Committee will meet
- Faculty Senate's Agenda - report of Diversity Curriculum Committee (status of proposal for a 6-credit UVM wide course --- 3 in diversity in U.S. and 3 in global issues).
Respectfully submitted, Juliet Young

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I. Welcome by ALANA Co chairs (Erin Baker & Wanda Heading-Grant)

II. ALCO's Mission - ALANA Coalition Mission Statement Concepts sheets were circulated
a. New structure - Co chairs spoke briefly about ALCO's new structure and gave overview for coming year. The ALCO executive committee has been re-established, and ALCO seeks to retain its historical distinctiveness as a grassroots organization for faculty, staff and graduate students of color.

b. Calendar review - Co chairs discussed calendar as well as purpose behind re-establishment of semi-monthly meetings, and executive committee meetings.

c. Distributions lists - tabled until next meeting

d. Announcements
* Due to a scheduling conflict the ALCO meeting for Wednesday Oct. 12th has been relocated to: Grace Coolidge in Waterman, 1-2 p.m.
*There was a reminder to RSVP for the upcoming ALCO Bar-B-Que. This event is planned for Saturday, Sept. 17, 11-3 p.m. at Blundell House. Spouses, partners, friends, and children are all welcome.
* ALCO's first Wednesday social is sceduled for Oct. 5th, 4-5:30 p.m., at the Windjammer, in So. Burl.

III. Guest Meetings
a. Part of the new structure for the coming year involves a guest speaker series for the second monthly meetings. The intention is to create a dialogue and establish a relationship. On Sept. 28th, ALCO will open this series with Robert Lawson, Chair of the Commission on Racial Equity. We would like to know what the Commission concluded at the end of last year, and what might be its future directives.

b. Under the new structure, the guest speaker series will feature meetings with academic deans, chairs of the various UVM commissions, and perhaps a meeting with the president of the Faculty Senate. Oct. 26th, ALCO will continue this series with, Bob Taylor, Dean of the Honors College, followed by Don DeHayes, Dean of the Rubenstein School of Environmental & Natural Resources on Nov. 30th.

Questions were solicited from those present about possible issues/concerns that ALCO might like to pursue with the deans. They included:
1) What does the college currenly look like (i.e., demographics of faculty, staff, and students of color, as well as how many tenure tract faculty)
2) What do they (the deans) see as their two greatest challenges?
3) How does the dean hold others accountable on issues of diversity?
4) How does one work within the department to raise these issues (who and what are the resources within the department)?
5) In keeping with UVM's strategic plan, what is the mechanism for recruiting facutly of color (casting the widest net)?
6) What is the deans role in supporting the collecting bargaining process incentives?
7) Professional development plans (university vs. department/college).
8) Issues of tenure as it relates to publishing in academic non-mainstream journals.
9) Human resources (what is the focus on support staff and administration of color).
10) Use of faculty incentive funds and discretionary funds.
11) Issues of international vs. domestic minorities

IV. New Business - Flynn Theatre schedules were circulated, and ALCO discussed continuing an evening out at the Flynn as another social outlet for ALCO. Some of the events have a 2-tickets for the price of one option, for UVM faculty, staff and students. While we seek out someone to coordinate an event (s), Willi agreed to be a contact.

Respectfully submitted,
Juliet Young
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
Present:Ricardo, Mary H., Willi, Wanda, Maria, Marie Claire, Juliet, Erin, Diane

Today's Agenda:
1) Report on two areas of central focus for the past year - Dr. Willi Coleman
2) Presentation of slate of candidates for ALCO leadership - Maria Erb
3) Update on upcoming ALCO/CCP joint Spring project ... Swastika to Jim Crow Film, Dinner, and Discussion, Mar. 9, 2005, 5-7 p.m. Waterman Manor - Dr. Sherwood Smith
4) Plan for upcoming ALCO meeting with President Daniel Fogel & Ms Kathryn Friedman
5) Proposed changes to UVM curriculum (to include diversity) - Dr. Deane Wang

**Dr. Willi Coleman reported on two of the weakest areas (both under OMA) that have been a central focus for this year:


A new program coordinator has been hired - Peg Boyle (Research faculty in CEES). She will also coordinate Faculty Mentoring Program

We are behind schedule. Applications are coming in. Hosted first one last week (Political Science)

New guidelines are in place. Only available to Departments that have:

- Tenure track position within next two years.

Department must also provide:

- Senior faculty member for the Fellow
- Office Space
- Fellow must teach one course with senior faculty

Objective: Bring Program in line with its original intent: "Enrich pool of applicants for tenure track faculty positions at UVM"


- Provides summer enrichment for high school students
- Provides support after they become UVM students

Numbers: Pools the home grown ALANA population in Vermont. Currently the lowest number within the ALANA student population

Program was on soft money for past 3 years. Ran out last year. Picked up by OMA - proposal was submitted to Vermont Legislature for Federal funding.

Two additional important areas

1) Deans will be evaluated ... on diversity

Deans Review Committee - Diversity is one area of evaluation - Leadership role within their college is another

"Evaluation will look at how have they implemented and advanced the diversity initiative (which is part of the University Strategic Plan)."

2) 6 Unit Graduation requirement (second meeting being held today)

"...Consistent with the University Strategic Plan, the recommendation of the Presidents Commission on Racial Diversity, I am establishing a Diversity Curriculum Committee to develop for faculty senate review a proposal for 6 credits of diversity course work, as a university-wide graduation requirement, for all undergraduates at the University of Vermont..."

Proposal will:

- Identify elements of courses that would meet such a requirement
- Avoid increasing the total credit hour requirement for graduation
- Propose implementation plan and time line

**Maria Erb presented the slate of officers nominated to serve as ALCO leaders for the coming year.

Lists of names would be sent to nominees by email for a response (Ricardo posted results on 3/8/05).

**Mary Heininger gave an update on the upcoming ALCO/CCP event: To date, 27 had sent an RSVP. There was a brief discussion about why this event primarily focused on faculty and graduate students. A recommendation was made to consider sending invitations to the Chairs of the various diversity committees around the campus in the future, to cast a wider net for participation.

**Setting an agenda for ALCO meeting with the President and Ms Friedman on Apr. 6, 2005 - In preparation for the Apr. meeting the recommendation was made that ALCO members review the email message from President Fogel on, "Advancing Diversity at UVM," sent out on Feb. 16, 2005.
In the interest of time, another planning has been set for Thursday, Mar. 17, 2005, at 1:30 p.m., in the Waterman Cafe. MEMBERS, PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDERS TO ATTEND THIS MEETING!!!

Possible agenda items:

1) Update on ALANA Executive Officers/Faculty/Staff recruited and retained
2) New housing project (will it marginalize students of lesser means)
3) ALCO retaining its distinctive mission/posture

Respectfully submitted, Juliet Young
Wednesday, December 1, 2004
Present: Ricardo, Marie Claire, Sherwood, Keith, Diane, Danielle, Erin, Stacey, Juliet

Today's Agenda was to follow up on several discussions from last month's meeting:
--MLK programming
--Annual ALCO meeting with President Fogel
--ALCO Event for the Spring 2005

Ricardo opened the meeting with the announcement that he (and possibly Ramani as well) would be stepping down as ALCO co-chairs, in May 2005. He also stated that he would meet with Ramani and submit a base budget digest for the future, before stepping down.

MLK programming - as a follow-up to last month's discussion over an email to Mary G., from Willi Coleman about generating support for MLK recognition day (in lieu of several recent staffing losses in the Dept. of Service Learning, and with Lynn Bond, in the Dept. of Psychology), several members of ALCO met with Willi on Nov. 10th 2004, to clarify the situation. An additional meeting, for those who would be coordinating this program, was being held today at 1:15 p.m.

Annual ALCO meeting with President Fogel - Ricardo will contact the President's office to schedule a meeting for Mar. or Apr. of 2005

ALCO event for the Spring 2005 - at last month's meeting, Ricardo asked for other ideas for an ALCO event. Danielle mentioned an intensive experiential learning workshop called, "Boxes and Walls." This was discussed a little further. The biggest concern would be the need for both time and extra personnel to assist participants in decompressing from the event. Sherwood had also mentioned the film: "From Swastika to Jim Crow." This film is part of the Spring 2005 Social Justice Film series, sponsored by the Center for Cultural Pluralism. Sherwood brought copies of the list of the films (with their descriptions for ALCO). Since one of ALCO's most successful events in the past has been the dinner theatre idea, the decision was made to have ALCO act as co-sponsor for the film, "From Swastika to Jim Crow," on March 7, 2005, in Waterman Manor, from 5-7 p.m. - in affect, making this the ALCO event for the Spring of 2005.

As co-sponsor, ALCO would share responsibility for publicizing the event, funding the dinner preceding the film (in Waterman Manor), and providing the general support needed to pull it off. This event is open to faculty and graduate students, with a required RSVP.

Sherwood mentioned contacting Maria Erb, about arranging an RSVP registration through the ALCO web site. It was also suggested that Dr. Scrase, Director of Holocaust Studies at UVM be approached to act as a facilitator for this event.


Juliet Young
Wednesday, November 3, 2004
Present: Ricardo, Ramani, Mary G., Mary H., Wanda, Sherwood, Marie-Claire, Juliet, Erin, Dannielle Jon Davis, Simon Hara, with Traci Giffith and Moise St. Louise (guest visitors from St. Michael's College).

After opening remarks by the Co-chairs, there were informal introductions around the table.

Ricardo mentioned that he had spoken with President Fogel about scheduling our annual meeting with him. It may be in March or April of 2005.

Ricardo mentioned a desire for more collaboration on events between UVM, St. Mike's, and Middlebury. Leroy Nesbitt (an attorney at Middlebury) has also expressed a desire to do this.

Ricardo led a discussion about the lower turnout for the recent ALCO Welcome back reception in Oct. General consensus centered on limited planning and advertising. This year's event was planned and held later in the semester, when people's calendar's were less flexible. Suggestions were made to hold this in August next year.

Moise St. Louise (new Dir. of Multicultural Student Affairs) and Traci Griffith (Prof. in Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication) were introduced. Both are with St. Michael's College. Moise spoke briefly about his new role as Director. Both came to talk about how the two schools might collaborate better.

Remainder of discussion centered on an email to Mary G. from Willi Coleman about generating support for MLK recognition day, in lieu of several recent staffing losses, in the Dept. of Service Learning, and with Lynn Bond, in the Dept. of Psychology. Discussion arose around what ALCO's role should be (i.e., host, co-sponsor, or collaborator with other UVM Depts.). Several expressed a strong desire that this remain an institutionally supported and sponsored event. Mary G. suggested having
student orations of some of Dr. King's speeches. Due to some remaining confusion over the original email, the suggestion was made that several members of ALCO meet with Willi to clarify the situation. Ramani, Mary G., Juliet & Wanda? agreed to set up a meeting with Willi.

Although both are relatively new to campus, Moise and Traci gave some background on how MLK day is handled at St. Michael's. Traci talked about an exhibit that the student's arranged last year.

Ricardo asked for other ideas for an ALCO event for next Spring. Sherwood mentioned the film: "From Swastika to Jim Crow." Danielle mentioned an intensive experiential learning workshop called, "Boxes and Walls."

Respectfully submitted,
Juliet Young

Wednesday, September 8, 2004
Present: Ricardo Johnson, Ramani Sunderaju, Sherwood Smith, Willi Coleman, Laura Fishman, Thomas Macias, Keith Smith, Elisabeth Bonnie, Josie Herrera, Marie Claire Smith, Wanda Heading-Grant, Juliet Young, Anna
McDonald, Dean Wang, Erin Baker and Diane Gaboriault (both w/ Affirmative Action.)

In his opening remarks Ricardo informed ALCO, again, about Ramani's new position. He stated that she would try to make as many meetings this year, as possible.

Willi Coleman encouraged ALCO members to attend the upcoming B.O.T. Diversity Committee meeting on Friday, Sept. 10, 1:15-3:15 p.m., in Grace Coolidge in Waterman.

Ricardo asked for input on planning for the annual ALCO welcoming reception. One possibility was for Wed. Sept. 29, 2004, 3:30-5:30 p.m., in Waterman Manor. This would coincide with one of the days that Margey Eugene-Richards would be visiting RSENR - The Rubinstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at UVM (formerly SNR) - as part of its
ongoing race and culture speaker series, on Sept. 28-29. For the first time, the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for the North American continent, was awarded to an African American woman for her struggle with an oil refinery for environmental justice, for her Louisiana community. Margie Eugene-Richard, of Norco, Louisiana, won the 2004Goldman Prize after working for over 20 years to win a fair and just relocation of 300 families living in the toxic shadow of a Shell chemical
and refinery complex.

Ricardo and Willi will speak with the appropriate persons to see if the coordination of these two events is even possible. There was also discussion about an agenda for this reception (e.g, welcoming remarks, special recognitions, making materials and information about the history and purpose of the ALANA Coalition available, and announcements in the BFPand Seven Days).

A proposed back up date of Sept. 30th, or Friday, Oct. 1, 2004 was suggested.

Lastly, a concern was raised about addressing some potential for confusion about an event this past weekend sponsored by the Offices of Financial Aid and the Office of Admissions, which also referred to its event as an "ALANA welcome reception."

Willi mentioned, again, the need for a web site at UVM to centralize information about various diversity initiatives.

Respectfully submitted,
Juliet Young

Wednesday, May 5, 2004
Present: Ricardo, Carol, Ramani, Marie Claire, Sondra, Willi, Mary, Josie, Wanda, Sandra, Juliet

The purpose of today's meeting was to hear from Dr. Willi Coleman, and to discuss plans for both the ALANA Alumni event, and the September 2004 ALANA Welcome Reception.

Dr. Willi Coleman - Faculty Incentive Funds (FIF)
Dr. Coleman stated that there have been very few changes in how we pursue faculty diversity since the inception of the FIF in 1985. We've relied almost exclusively on new hires.

This has resulted primarily in junior faculty of color bearing the largest share of the responsibility for attempting to transform the curriculum. This imbalance will be addressed by offering a range of different opportunities for curriculum transformation

The new FIF plan establishes curriculum and research in ALANA U.S. Ethnic Studies as a priority diversity effort. This includes:

Visiting Scholars
Summer Research Grants
Launching of a new publication series in ALANA U.S. Ethnic Studies through and with the University of New England Press.

Records indicate that over the past 19 years, Faculty Incentive Funds have been used to support 49 "minority" hires - 27 of which were still on campus as of Spring 04.

ALCO members expressed a consensus of support for the direction of the Faculty Incentive Fund overhaul.

Sondra Solomon - Summer 2004 Course (The Study and Analysis of Group Dynamics)
Professor Solomon handed out a flyer describing an exceptional course coming at UVM this summer, taught by professor Shahin Sakhi: Psych 380/Psych 295. She talked a little bit about professor Shahin Sakhi and the course . This is a 3 credit course being held the week of July 26th -July 31st. It will NOT appear in the Focus catalogue, but information is available on-line through UVM's Division of Continuing Education. Class size is limited to 18. Additional questions can be addressed to: Dr. Shahin Sakhi: or 310-927-2578. Or, to Dr. Sondra Solomon at: 802-656-3034.

ALANA Alumni weekend - this is currently being planned for Saturday, June 5, 2004. Allen House has been reserved form 3:30-5:30 p.m. Several campus organizations will co-sponsor this event.

The ALANA Welcome reception was not discussed during this meeting.


Juliet Young

Wednesday, April 7, 2004
Present: Ramani, Ricardo, Willi, Marie Claire, Sherwood, Josie, Carol, Mike, Sandra, Wanda, Deane, Sherwood, Pamela, Juliet, Kathryn, Ken, Henry, Laura

Today's agenda included presentations from Dr. Willi Coleman, Sandra Spiegel, Ken Maskell, Kathryn Friedman. Laura Clemmons, and ALCO elections

Dr. Willi Colemen - VP for Diversity & Equity addressed major changes on the wing in Waterman, stating that her own job definition is still in the the making. Changes include both positions in existing administration, and newly created administrative positions. The VP of Graduate Affairs and Research Dev. is a new position - which indirectly affects AA, and ALCO. The Henderson Fellowship program comes under the Graduate School. UVM faculty is now unionized. This affects how many courses are taught as well what is taught. Any changes now require negotiations. The VP for Faculty Affairs is also a new positon. All of these changes are having a direct impact on diversity issues.

Sandra Spiegel - newly hired VP for Strategic Partnerships (also a newly created position) talked about the partnerships between UVM with CCHS and BHS. She stressed that the term "partnership" needs to be defined. It does not mean the same thing across the board in each case. It does involve ongoing meetings between principals and head guidance counselors with UVM admissions staff & Don Honeman (Dir. of Admissions). It also requires sensitivity to the work of other organizations like VSAC.

When asked whether initiatives involve parents --- one ongoing issue here is language. English is not the primary language for all students or their parents.

When asked whether any other schools are getting this kind of attention - yes, but it was pointed out the BHS has the largest multiculural student population in Vermont (16%)

When asked if UVM has any admissions counselors who focus specifically on multicultural students - Yes, there are both special populations teams and a VT team.

There are also multicultural student laisons. 6-7 students now at UVM (who came from Christopher Columbus High School) CCHS volunteer time to tutor at BHS

Ken Maskell - UVM Abenaki Outreach Coordinator said that a partnership has existed between UVM and Mississquoi Valley Union High School for 15 years. Of its 1200 students 22% are Abenaki. 5 are at UVM now. The program provides both individualized support (monitoring grades and the selection of courses for college), and UVM sponsors a summer partnership program (for three days) called Summer Happenings (which promotes a familiarity with campus life). Nationally, MVUHS has been identified as
a school in crisis. Ken & Sandra are currently working on writing a grant to raise money for student services.

Wanda - reminded everyone of the some important upcoming events sponsored by UVM College of Education & Social Sciences celebrating 30th Anniversary of Brown v. the Board of Education

April 8, 2004 - The Unfinished Business of Brown v. the Board of Education
Cheryl Brown Henderson - Ira Allen Chapel - 4:00 p.m.

April 9, 2004 - Dr. Michael Lomax - Carpenter Auditorium - 9:00 a.m.

April 9, 2004 - 3 Related Workshops

1) The Unfinished Business of Brown ... 10:15 - 11:15 a.m. - Carpenter Auditorium
2) Shaping Hispanel Identity: The U.S. Agenda - 10:15-11:15 a.m. - Hall B, Given Bldg.
3) Our Reality: A Promise Deferred No More ... 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. - Carpenter Auditorium

Laura Clemmons - (guest) talked more about her role with an after school peer leadership program at BHS called Shades of Color. Currently, there are 8 students (hopefully 3 more will be added). This has been an empowering avenue for change for the students. They have also produced a video. Laura
brought a copy with her. They would like to do a presentation for UVM's faculty and staff of color. It was pointed out that this may be one of the few times these students would be exposed to so many faculty, staff, and graduate students of color in VT. These students also act as mentors for kids of color at the Boys and Girls Club in Burlington.

Kathryn Friedman - Executive Dir. of AA/EO circulated the latest draft of faculty guidelines for recruiting new faculty. She stressed her office does not approve a search - deans and provost do. A report of the process is submitted to her office, and the Provost office will decide whether a red or green light will be given to continue the search. She asked ALCO members to review the draft and comment specifically on steps 1,7,10 & 12 - no later than Tuesday. Hopefully, these guidelines will cut out a lot a paperwork from the past.

The intent of the guidelines is to ask if the search makes sense, and to help expand the pool of ALANA candidates.

The meeting concluded with a discussion about nominations for ALCO leaders for the upcoming year. Nominations were made and seconded for the positions of secretary and co chairs.

Ramani and Ricardo accepted terms to serve another year as co chairs. Juliet accepted to serve another year as secretary.

Lastly an ALANA alumni reception was discussed. It was suggested this be coordinated through the Alumni Affairs office.

Juliet Young

Wednesday, March 4, 2004
Present: Ramani, Ricardo, Willi, Anna, Sherwood, Dean, Josie, Mary, Mike, Carol, Wanda, Rebecca, Juliet, John Aleong, Larry, Laura, President Fogel, Kathryn, John Gates

Welcoming remarks and a summary of items on the agenda - Ramani.

Introduction of Dr. Larry McCrory - Ricardo

Dr. Larry McCrory gave a brief history of what is now known as the ALANA Coalition. The organization was formerly called the Black and Third World Educator's Organization (BTWEO) - which formed as a mechanism for change at UVM.

1966 - Larry McCrory and Professor Jack Clemmons only two African American faculty at UVM, in the medical school.
1967 - UVM had 6 minority students. The major issues were numbers and climate. UVM was steeped in the Kakewalk tradition during this time.
1970 - Most historic time at UVM. First multicultural statement. Hiring of first Affirmative Action officer and four black faculty in College of Ed.
1973 - Minority student program began - bursting with excitement. Living/Learning opened incorporating many innovative programs, except for a diversity initiative. Five black faculty charged to put a program together in one week. Faculty expanded, included staff and eventually became the BTWEO
A period of very little momentum begins. Broken promises, delays, excuses, hypocrisy, institutional drag, devises, mechanisms, etc. got in way of any movement. Search committee found ways not to hire any [people of color]
1976 - UVM experienced it's first real increase to 72 students.
1980's-90's - Brought incredibly good people to campus who were very effective in steering course of administration on issues of diversity. This group later became the ALANA Coalition

Ricardo announced a change in agenda. Member's questions and and issues would be addressed first, followed by updates from President Fogel

Members' Issues / Questions

1) UVM's pattern of hiring interim senior administration personnel and foregoing a national search (a handout was presented reviewing 9 positions)

President Fogel first addressed the salaries since he felt the handout could be inflammatory. He pointed out two inaccuracies, and the fact that for one position 50% of the funds came from private sources. For the next 3, there were no changes in positions, and he was told these were all level funded.

With respect to the original point, he felt the concern about patterns was well taken. Waivers have been far too common. He stressed the need to distinguish between a systemic issue vs. an individual issue. There are new conditions and discussions to reduce the numbers of these waivers, and establish clear criterion for Affirmative Action searches. He mentioned new ideas within the faculty women's caucus. He noted that the senior administration seems to be quite diverse.

Kathryn Friedman (Executive Director of AA/EO) pointed out that she had stopped all waivers for faculty and staff and that a new recruitment draft was in process. A protocol was being delivered to the Vice President and to the Provost today. An historical understanding of promotions and classifications was in process. Smaller constituents were eager to give feedback. ALCO would be apprised.

Concern was expressed that precedents prevent movement. A new structure was needed that was dynamic not static

Concern was expressed for the need to hear President verbalize his support for different initiatives, not just have them in writing

2) Are search committees, deans, chairs, provosts, etc. accountable to diversity issues?

President Fogel commented about overall strategies. He stated that UVM was just beginning to tie down clear time-quantifiable objectives. Budgets will be driven by search strategies. Some searches have been shut down.

As for faculty incentives - there are funds for strategic recruitment of diverse faculty, which have not been down funded and may be increased. Dept. chairs have a slush fund. Faculty cannot use this money any way they choose. They will not be rewarded for poor searches. They will be asked to bring some of their own money to the table in the future. Funds exists but new leverages are needed for deans to use them for a one time incentive. Change is difficult. Lots of communication is needed. Never assume that all is understood.

3) Status of Henderson Fellows program at UVM

Willi Coleman state that this program being reviewed to see if it can be made more effective

4) Although curriculum is the purview of the faculty senate, what is the status of a required 3-credit course on race and culture at UVM?

President Fogel stated that he envisioned something even more aggressive than this (e.g, 12-15 hours of course work for a baccalaureate). The University Curriculum Reform Committee, a subcommittee of the President's Task Force on Racial Diversity is looking at this issue. Cultural Competency 2000 - looks at content of cultural diversity classes to make sure that they includes certain criteria

If the right faculty was hired, this process would become easier. Put UVM back in a leadership position
With the decrease in mid-career and senior level hires, another way to do this would be to encourage "cluster hires." If the person hired has a partner with a professional degree, why not hire them both?

5) President was asked to renew his commitment to meet with ALCO at least once a year.

President verbally renewed his commitment, and John Gates took responsibility to scheduling this in the future.

It was also mentioned that the UVM Staff Council might benefit from a meeting with the President. They have issues that are important to them as well

6) Recruitment strategies for Vermont students (of color) and Abenaki students

Sandra Spiegel addressed UVM's partnerships with Burlington High School and Christopher Columbus High School in New York. Due to some recent misunderstandings, the partnership between counselors at BHS and UVM Admissions is currently strained. Bridges are being restructured to repair the damage.

The question was raised about any UVM initiatives to increase the Abenaki pool of students at UVM. Sandra stated that Mississquoi Valley Union High School was felt to represent the most potential for some collaborative work.

Update on Past Year's Diversity Efforts

*NB: Data for this section is being reviewed and will be posted as an amendment in the [near] future*

President's Task Force on Racial Diversity

Some of the President's remarks on this point were addressed above under Q&A no. 4

Future Initiatives

President Fogel talked about various scholarships, a $40 increase in the stipend for students in the summer scholars program, making every effort to grab/raise money on the campaign trail, and phasing in a $750 increase in medical insurance coverage for graduate students

Respectfully submitted,
Juliet Young

Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Present: Ramani, Ricardo, Mary, Sherwood, Mike, Juliet, Laura Clemmons (guest)

The focus of today's meeting was to refine the agenda for the meeting next week with President Fogel(below)

Agenda for Alco Meeting with President Fogel, Willi Coleman, Kathryn Friedman and John Gates on Wednesday, March 3th at Phi Beta Kappa (5th Floor Waterman)
• Introductions - by co Chairs
• History of ALANA Coalition - former professor Larry McCrory would be asked to do this.
• Update on Past Year's Diversity Efforts - from President
• Update On President's Task Force on Racial Diversity
• Future Initiatives (on horizon at UVM) - President
• Committee's Involvement in Diversity Efforts
• Member Issues/Questions

1) The age old issue of how senior vacancies continue to be filled without a national search

2) Will the Henderson Fellows program be funded next year - only 2 appointments this year. UVM is currently assessing its effectiveness as a recruitment tool

3) The issue of appropriate recruiting methods within Vermont - especially at BHS which has the most diverse student population in the State of Vermont. Laura Clemmons was present to talk about the Shades of Ebony Peer Leadership Program at BHS. She expressed a desire to engage the President in a dialogue about how to create a stronger alliance with UVM on these efforts. She raised concern about the break down in communication between the counselors at BHS and UVM

On a related note, the idea of scheduling a meeting with Don Honeman (Dir.of Admissions & Financial Aid) was suggested. This issue will be taken upat the April meeting

Respectfully submitted
Juliet Young

Wednesday, February 4, 2004
Present: Ramani, Carol, Dean, Mary, Wanda, Anna, Josie, Juliet

Today's agenda focused on crafting an agenda for next month's meeting between ALCO and President Daniel Fogel. Getting the word out to ALCO constituents was also discussed. There was some question about the date of the meeting - March 3rd or 4th, and the place. Ramani will confirm. There was a brief discussion about using the regular meeting in March to finalize any questions.

General topics for discussion included: progress on diversity initiatives, filling of senior level vacancies, housing initiatives (as a recruitment tool), maintaining a clear distinction between the function of ALCO and PECOR, and how to stay engaged with the President - directly, and concerns about the dwindling Abenaki representation at UVM.

Mary also reminded the group of Gospelfest at the Flynn, on Sunday Feb. 15th @ 5:00 p.m. . Tickets are twelve dollars, and can be purchased at the door, or Wanda may have a few.

Respectfully submitted,

Juliet Young

Please note: Ramani and Ricardo posted an update about the meeting with President Fogel yesterday - February 9, 2004.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003
Richardo, Ramani, Mary, Professor Deane Wang, Sandra, Carol, Josie, Colette, Sherwood, Juliet

Old business - the minutes of Nov. 1, 2003 meeting will be ammended to state that a letter was drafted by Josie (and Ramani) and sent to the Search Committee on behalf of the ALANA  Coalition summarizing our collective feedback and recommendations about each of the candidates for the position in Affirmative Action.   Thank you to both Josie and Ramani.

The focus of today's meeting was to discuss any updates on the status of searches for Executive Director of Affimative Action, or the 2 new ALANA faculty positions.  And, to finalize a date and to plan for the year end potluck. 

-Affirmative Action search update: an offer was extended to the final candidate (Kathryn Friedman?) - awaiting a response
-New ALANA faculty positions (2) update: no information available yet.

-Discussion continued about inviting President Fogel to meet with ALCO in January.  Ricardo said he and Ramani would draft a letter proposing some dates, and/or ask him when he is available.

-Discussion continued about a dinner theatre in April (Apr. 16, 2004 was suggested).  The suggested film: Women of Color in Higher Education.   There would be a facilitated discussion after the film.  Denise Youngblood and Valerie Moore were mentioned as possible facilitators.

-Important Dates:  Sunday Dec. 7, 2003

-The Ohavi Zedek Synagogue will be having a dialogue about Blacks and Jews, this Sunday!!  This event will include a meal, the film: Blacks & Jews, and a discussion.  This is open to the public.  It will begin at 4:00 p.m.  The Synagogue is located in Burlington at 188 N. Prospect. St.

-An end of year potluck will be held Thursday, Dec. 18, 2003 - 4-6 p.m.  The location will be announced later.   Suggested places included: Englesby House, Allen House, and the ALANA Student Center.  Professor Wang will contact Leslie Logan about Englesby.  Juliet will contact Beverly Colston about the other two locations.  The main preference is for a location with access to a kitchen - with a stove and a sink.

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2003
Present: Wanda, Ricardo, Ramani, Josie, Professor Dean Wang, Mary, Marie-Claire, Carol, Sandra, Juliet

The purpose of this meeting was to continue discussions that were begun during the retreat on Oct. 31, 2003
Discussion resumed about meeting times and the addition of extended meetings on a quarterly basis.  There was also a brief discussion about various senior administrators and leaders in the community that ALCO would like to invite to attend a meeting.  One suggestion was to invite Mayor Peter Clavelle and our President Daniel Fogel to perhaps discuss creation of affordable housing initiatives or incentives for incoming faculty, administration and staff.  A few other names of folks at UVM were dropped.

Due to final exams, and the Holidays in December, it was decided that the next 2-hour meeting would not be held until January 2004

An end of semester potluck was suggested for either December 12th or Dec. 19th, 2003.  In addition it was suggested that attendants bring a tradition, a poem, or anything else from their cultural heritage to share.

Sandra Spiegel was congratulated on her new position as Director of Strategic Partnerships

Future dates:

Jan. 16, 2004 - the next 2 hour extended ALCO business meeting
Apr. 16th - Dinner theatre - to view the film:  Women of Color in Higher Education 
May 30th - ALCO - 30th Homecoming Anniversary 

ALANA Coalition Retreat - October 31, 2003 - at the Blue Water Center in South Burlington
Present: Saleem H. Ali, Dr. Emily Bernard, Linda Cade, Dr. Willi Coleman, Melisa Dybbro, Pamela Gardener, Wanda-Heading Grant, Mary Guillory, Josie Herrera,  Mike Innis Jimenez, Richardo Johnson III, Robert Kelly, Tom Macias,  Anna McDonald, Stacey Miller, Carol Neptune, Jane Okech, Keith Smith, Sherwood Smith,  Ramani Sunderaju, Maria Vea-Fagnant, Juliet Young

Welcome Remarks

The retreat began with an informal lunch buffet, followed by welcoming remarks from the ALANA Coalition co-chairs, Ricardo Johnson, III and Ramani Sunderaju.  Ricardo briefly outlined the retreat agenda, and Ramani followed with incidentals about the facility, food, etc.

Conversation with Dr. Willi Coleman - Vice Provost for Multicultural Affairs and Professor of History

Dr. Willi Coleman brought opening remarks beginning with a few comments about the distinction between her role as a faculty member, and her new role and responsibilities working within administration - especially in relation to working with the media.  Next, she talked about the latest changes/new faces, in the President's wing.

She indicated that due to the response to the first pool of candidates interviewing for Executive Director of Affirmation Action, that this search would continue.  She also mentioned two candidates (and possibly a third) for the Director of ALANA Studies position.  Because this position is in the college of Arts & Sciences, it is a limited search.  At UVM, faculty line positions require an internal search.  An outside search would raise budgetary concerns

She also mentioned 2 new tenure track lines in ALANA Studies.  These positions were created by the Dean of the college of Arts & Sciences, and in collaboration with the Depts. of Political Science, Economics, Art, History, and Anthropology.  Candidates for these positions would be nature need to be tenured already.

Dr. Coleman expressed her ongoing commitment to resolve what has become a long standing debate over a UVM required introductory course in race & culture.

Sherwood Smith was asked to give a brief historical context for this debate.  The genesis for a course was the outcome of both the 1988 and 1991 student protests, led by minority students at UVM.  On their list of demands to the President was a 1 credit course in race & culture.   The fact that UVM is very decentralized was cited as one reason that this debate continues.  Over the years, this debate has taken two forms: 1)  Should this be a UVM required course (like a general distribution course), or should each college be allowed to decide.  And, 2) What type of course(s) should fulfill this requirement?   Is this experiential (like physical education) or informational knowledge?  A  3-credit course was approved within the Dept. of Arts & Sciences, under the direction of former Professor Sam Feitelberg.   In addition, a list of courses has been designed for credit at UVM within the ALANA US Ethnic Studies Program.  But this is not a UVM wide requirement, yet.
In closing, Dr. Coleman expressed encouragement that UVM is on the move.  On the downside, Provost Bramley is stepping down.  Dr. Coleman cited part of the reason for accepting her job was the opportunity to work more closely with a Provost who is truly committed to rewarding diversity initiatives, and punishing non-supporters.

She challenged the ALANA COALITION to maintain its unique grassroots position at UVM.    She said, "No other body on UVM's campus [is] as committed to diversity and race issues, in action." 

Charting the direction of ALCO (political vs. social) - Dr. Emily Bernard, Asst. Professor of English

Dr. Bernard facilitated a discussion on whether the ALANA COALITION should set more of a social or more of a political agenda for the upcoming year.  The question was raised about whether or not ALCO should participate in any discussions about tenure.  The comments are summarized below:

Political -

This as a "dicey subject."  Since faculty own tenure issues, plan objectives, and measure values, they were not usually open to another outside body giving input.  As to who should evaluate faculty on these points -- obviously their students and their colleagues (Anna).

A political agenda meant non-tenure type issues.  It meant having a voice, and being invited to discussions about policies and procedural issues that directly impact on the ALCO community.  It meant letter writing campaigns about candidates being interviewed for senior administrative positions, the formation of groups like PCORE, racial incidents involving students, etc.  "We love to be grassroots."  (Wanda)

ALCO could act as a clearinghouse for links to the rest campus on issues and incidences that needed focus and resolution.  ALCO resources could be channelled to handle some of these.  Say a Dept. was/felt closed, ALCO could open up discussions.  These discussions could lay a framework for what we want to address.   ALCO could be a forum for networking  (Linda)

Since membership in ALCO is open to faculty, staff and graduate students of color at UVM - diversity within the group gives [ALCO's voice] strength.   The framework for how ideas will be raised within ALCO needs a balance of both structure and flexibility.  (Mike)

ALCO needs for a strategy for responding to issues and incidences (Robert)

Strategic ideas -

Concern was expressed for underlying issues that come up each month.  Maybe there should be some sort of rotation of issues at monthly meetings (Mary).  

This led to an in depth discussion about how meetings are scheduled and how items are placed on the agenda.  In the past, what is happening on campus, as well as ALCO's mission statement have determined what was discussed during meetings.   Attendance fluctuates throughout the semester depending on a host of other factors competing for time.   A related discussion about how to maintain [steady] participation at these meetings developed.   There was agreement that adequate advance notice is always helpful.  And, given the success of today's format, the suggestion was made to hold more 2 hour business meetings on Fridays, on a quarterly basis.  Initially, this was suggested in place of current monthly meetings, but after some discussion it was decided that monthly meetings would continue, with extended meetings in place of these - twice during the semester.   The expectation would be that these longer meetings, on Fridays, would consistently draw a larger crowd.   They would also provide a format for discussion of issues needing more attention, input.

Email discussions could be an option for some discussions (Mike).

The question was raised about whether there is a way to know what else is going on around the campus.  Listserv was mentioned as a campus wide communication list.  A website for diversity issues has also been proposed.  ALCO also has its own list and website (Stacey,Willi)

Submit an email list of available times people can meet.  Political roles needs goals to stay focused. (Jane) 

Wanda pointed out that ALCO has tried all of the above strategies mentioned over the years.

Social -

Several expressed that ALCO's various social functions were so very important.  They offered an opportunity for people to meet, relax, to learn about services within the community, and served as a survival network for persons of color at UVM.  In conclusion, it was clear that ALCO needs to maintain both a social and political focus.


In the interest of time, this discussion was deleted from today's agenda.  It will be put on the agenda for the next 2-hour meeting.

Event Planning for the year (ie: guest speaker's, dinner theaters, receptions, etc.) - facilitated by Josie Herrera - recruitment coordinator, college of engineering and mathematics

Josie focused this time on coming up with ideas for events that would help ALCO to be more proactive to the ALANA community and their interests and needs.  These ideas were suggested:

- A dinner theatre (dinner and a movie)
- A graduation picnic (for students and their family)
- A welcoming reception (Sept)
- A homecoming reception (May)
- A mentor program
- Inviting in some guest speakers (both from within (ie:senior administrators) and from outside)
- President's distinguished lecture series (invite a speaker for this event)
- Intergroup collaboration (with LGBTA, PCORD, PCOW)
- Use of safe space stickers - have students give them out to ALANA allies
- Discover UVM
- Pass out resource materials about ALCO twice a month during orientation of new employees
- Attend Alianza Latina, Black Student League, Hillil House, Free to Be - breakfast on Fridays
- Developing allies across the campus
- Hold an ALCO meeting at the ALANA student center
- Submit suggestions via email messages
- A special event during UVM's Bicentennial celebration (2004)

This was a very productive and exciting day for all who attended.  Kudos to all the planners for this retreat! Great job!!


Wednesday, October 1, 2003
Present:  Ricardo, Ramani, Mike, Rob, Juliet, Josie, Colette, Sherwood.

Meeting primarily focused on discussion about the upcoming ALCO retreat (previously) scheduled for Oct. 9, 2003, and some preliminary feedback about the first candidate for the Executive Director of Affirmative Action position.

As of today's meeting, only (5) five had sent an RSVP for the retreat.  After much discussion about waiting until Friday, conflicts with scheduling due to meetings with candidates interviewing for with the  Affirmative Action vacancy, and some concerns about the difficulty with a morning retreat, it was finally decided that the Retreat be postponed.  There was not enough time to plan it well.   Alternative dates were discussed. (The new date is now Friday, Oct. 31, 2003 - from 12:00-4:30 p.m. - at the Bluewater Center in South Burl.)

Attention turned to discussion about facilitators for the various sections of the Retreat.

Dr. Willi Colemen will still bring opening remarks and a general overview of diversity at UVM. Professor Deane Wang was mentioned as a possible facilitator for the discussion on Charting ALCO's direction (political vs. social focus).  Professor Emily Bernard was also mentioned as a possible co-facilitator with Professor Wang.  Ricardo agreed to contact them about this
Josie Herrera was also mentioned to facilitator the discussion on Event Planning

There was a brief discussion about initial impressions of the first candidate (Moss) who was on campus to meet with various UVM constituency groups on Sept. 30-Oct. 1.

ALCO members were encouraged (again) to attend subsequent meetings with the 3 remaining candidates on Oct. 6th, Oct. 8th, and Oct. 13th, and to respond to the evaluations.  A suggestion was also made that ALCO set aside time as
a group to discuss our thoughts about all the candidates, and perhaps to draft a letter summarizing our observations at the end of the interviewing process.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Members present: Ramani Sunderaju, Ricardo Johnson, Wanda Heading-Grant, Josie Herrera, Carol Nepton, Juliet Young

Meeting focused on discussion about the upcoming ALCO welcome reception, and an ALCO retreat. The ALANA Coalition Welcome Reception will be Thursday, Sept. 18, 2003 in Waterman Manor, 3:30-5:30 p.m. There were about 30 who had sent an RSVP as of today. Everyone was encouraged to invite interested parties.

Attention turned to discussion about having a retreat this Fall. The purpose would be to use the retreat as a time to plan ALCO'sfocus/direction for the coming year.

Three specific areas of concern were identified
1) Direction of ALCO - concern was expressed for a more political than social focus
2) Events Planning - a speaker series was suggested.
3) Recruitment into ALCO

Oct 9th, 2003 was identified as a possible retreat date. The time frame would be 8 am to 1 (or 2 pm). A few key presenters were suggested for welcoming remarks, ALCO history, recruitment statistics at UVM, etc.). A few places were identified as well to hold a retreat including: Bishop Booth Center & Blue Waters. Ramani, Ricardo, and Juliet would coordinator
facilitator's schedule. Wanda would check out a place. Also mentioned: The need for ALCO involvement in the Affirmative Action search (our funding comes through this office)

Visibility of ALCO - as the president creates his groups ALCO needs to maintain its distinctive voice and position no matter what other groups are formed.

An observation was made about the shift over the years from a faculty-led Coalition to staff-led Coalition. Point was raised about whether there was any significance to this shift by faculty. Perhaps this is a topic for the retreat?

A desire for better communication with the ALANA Student Center was expressed.

Bias protocol - Affirmative Action has a web page that tracks these incidences. ALCO does not see it's role to duplicate these efforts, but more to hold accountable those groups charged with overseeing this.

Submitted by Juliet Young
Sept. 15, 2003


Wednesday, May 1, 2002
Members present: Maria Erb, Ricardo Johnson, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Anna McDonald, Varna Ramaswamy, Sandra Spiegel, Ramani Sunderaju

New Business:
Summer Meetings: It was decided to have a very informal lunch meeting at the Manor on the first Wednesday of June, July and August. This way planning can still occur for the fall.

Speakers Series: There was much excitement about the Fall speakers' series. Suggested names included: Bev Tatum, author of "Why Are All The Black Students Sitting At The Same Table"; Frank Wu, author of "Yellow"; Jeff Milan, Chuck Lawrence Anna McDonald (Associate VP of HR) and the new UVM president. Please email Sandra Spiegel at with additional suggestions for speakers

Possible Future Collaborations: Fleming Museum--Jamaican art exhibition, Women Center, PCORE and Students Against Racism.

ALCO minutes on the web: The group agreed that posting ALCO's minutes to its website is the right thing to and demonstrates technological progress.

Next's years schedule: The schedule with dates and places will be coordinated by Maria and Sandra, and then posted to the ALCO website.

New Officers for 2002-2003:
Co-Chairs: Ricardo Johnson and Ramani Sunderaju
Secretary: Sandra Spiegel
Webmaster: Maria Erb

Old Business:
Film: The group discussed feedback from "Shattering the Silences". No one had criticism to report about the film, dinner or discussion. There was only praise for ALCO and this event. Jill Tarule (Dean of the Collge of Education) will be using the film as a training tool for her new faculty starting in Fall 2002.

Minutes submitted by Ricardo Johnson


Wednesday, April 10, 2002
Members present: Maria Erb, Wanda Heading-Grant, Sheila Kirton-Robbins

"Shattering the Silences" film--Should promote ALCO to the attendees letting them know who we are. Wanda will contact Ricardo to see if he'll do introductions and kick-off the event. 65 people have rsvp'd for the event. Maria will contact Dining Services with the guarantee for food. Will also confirm with Sherwood that punch was ordered in addition to coffee and tea.

Planning for next year--Will need to establish dates and times for next year's ALCO meetings. Wanda will ask Connie to schedule rooms as Connie's time permits. No big rush at this point.

ALCO Speaker Series--Need to find out if anyone has followed up on the proposed speakers for next year's ALCO speaker series.

First Fridays & Tuesday Lunches--We should continue because it's a chance to get to know one another on a social basis. We need to better publicize the events and bring friends. Possibly have people take turns on a monthly basis to send out reminder e-mails to the ALCO list serve.

Next meeting is on Wednesday, May 1, 2002 in Phi Beta Kappa, 5th Floor, Waterman.


Wednesday, March 13, 2002
Members present: Rebecca Flewelling, Ricardo Johnson, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Varna Ramaswamy and Sherwood Smith

Dinner Theater--ALCO will sponsor a film entitled "Shattering the Silence." There will also be a buffet dinner served. This event will especially good for Diversity Liaisons and others. Sherwood will find out about the availability of the Manor. Possible dates include April 24 or 25. This will be ALCO's major spring event. Ricardo will handle flyers and Varna will handle distribution of
the flyers. The film will end with discussion. The whole event should only be two (2) hours.

Fall Guest Speaker: ALCO will sponsor a guest speaker around the time of new faculty orientation in late August or September. Proposed guest speakers include: Dr. Mae Jamision (sp?) and the author of Why are all the black students sitting at the same table. Sherwood and Rebecca will try to make contacts with the proposed speakers. ALCO will start to plan this event immediately following the Dinner Theatre event.

Elections: Elections for the following positions will be held at ALCO's May meeting: One (1) co-chair and secretary (we have not been successful with a rotating secretary). It was suggested that we have a HESA student help with this role. Ricardo will investigate this matter.



Wednesday, January 9, 2002
Members present: Willi Coleman, Wanda Heading-Grant, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Ricardo Johnson, Varna Ramaswamy, Ramani Sunderaju, Don Grinde, Deane Wang, Maria Erb and Juliet Young

Meeting focused on adopting some strategic questions for the four presidential candidates who will be interviewing at UVM during the week of Jan. 22nd-25th, 2002. There are four interviews arranged for ALCO - to be
held in conjunction with PCORE and PCSW. The dates are:
Jan. 23rd - 8-9 a.m. - with Ralph Muller
Jan. 23rd - 11-12 noon - with Steven Poskanzer
Jan. 25th - 8-9 a.m. - with John Fry, and
Jan. 25th - 11-12 noon - with Daniel Fogel

Questions could center on the following areas:
Candidate's track record around issues of diversity and ethnicity of diversity ... personal experiences with cultural diversity and ethnicity ... concrete examples of initiatives ... awareness of the diversity piece of UVM's strategic plan (i.e., does the candidate by into it?) ... affirmative action connections ... existence of groups like ALANA, PCORE, or PCSW on candidate's campuses ...This discussion lead to the adoption of two basic questions for all candidates:1) With regard to cultural diversity and ethnicity, what personal initiatives the candidate has been involved in on their respective campuses.

2) Most of the Presidential direct reports are now interim positions at UVM. Because UVM has a history of allowing people to stay beyond agreed upon time frames - how would the candidate address this pattern? We are interested in not losing the opportunity for open searches.

Willi, Varna and Ramani all addressed a desire to see some form of directory made available of ALCO faculty, staff and students. Ramani suggested that a person could be added to this list by request (not assumption). She offered to look into this.

Several raised concerns about how ALANA, PCORE, and PCSW could ensure equal time for their questions. Ricardo said he would address this concern with Pam Brown who is coordinating these interviews.

Concern was also raised about whether or not each candidate was made aware of the existence of ALCO. Dean seemed to feel this information was accessible on UVM's website.

The question about whether or not 1st Fridays was still going on at Sweet Waters. Some concerns were expressed about the need for a non-smoking area. Sheila thought this was already available, by request, upstairs. A date was set to hold the 1st Friday social of the new year at Sweet Waters, on Feb. 1, 2002 - 4:00-6:00 p.m.

After some discussion about how to gather feedback after the interviews, a decision was made to set up an RSVP luncheon meeting immediately after the last interview on Friday, Jan. 25th. This would be a time to draft a formal letter of recommendation as a group to present to the B.O.T. The suggestion was made either send a letter that rated all the candidates, or,
one that rated our top choice and our least favorite.

Respectfully submitted,
Juliet Young


Wednesday, December 14, 2001

Anna McDonald, Ricardo Johnson, Sherwood Smith, and Deane Wang

The following two(2) proposals are presented based upon observations and continuing assessments from this semester:

1) ALCO should convene a business meeting once a month, on the second Wednesday. Only business items would be discussed and handled. First Fridays and Tuesday lunches are good ideas and should continue.

ALCO should try once a month meetings during Spring 2002 (January to June). In June, the group would evaluate how once a month meetings compared with twice a month meetings.

Attendees at yesterday's meeting do not believe that meeting once a month would hamper the visibility or effectiveness of ALCO.

2) It is proposed that ALCO have a dinner/movie night out in lieu of one First Friday's. The dinner would be buffet (on-campus) and the movie would be Shattering the Silence.


Friday, October 26, 2001

PRESENT: Maria Dykema Erb, Wanda Heading-Grant, Don Grinde, Varna Ramaswamy, Sherwood Smith, Deane Wang

1. Welcome
" Don Grinde chaired the meeting in lieu of Ricardo Johnson who was unable to attend.

2. Follow-Up on the Provost's Visit
" Group thought the visit with the Provost, in general, was positive with good conversation.
" It was suggested that ALCO present the Provost with some specific initiatives that we would like to see put in place, i.e. additional incentive funds for diversity efforts, earmark some of the capital campaign endowment funds for ALANA student scholarships.
" ALCO needs to be out in front and visible on campus
" Need to determine some initiatives next semester
" Briefly discussed the Diversity History that Alicia Kozma from CCP is working on. ALCO would be willing to co-sign a letter that PCORE drafts to acquire more funds to finish out the project (getting the project on-line). Maria will bring this to PCORE at the next meeting.

3. Evaluation of ALCO Lunches and First Fridays
" All agree that the social events have been going well and should be continued
" Next First Friday is coming up on Friday, November 2 from 4-6 p.m. at Sweetwaters on Church Street

4. Outreach
" ALCO members will call a new ALANA faculty or staff member and bring them to an upcoming event.
" Maria will bring the list to the next ALANA Coalition meeting.

5. Holiday Celebration
" Semi-formal event on Friday, December 7 from 6-11 p.m. Evening would include dinner and entertainment.
" Wanda will be checking on whether or not the Manor is available. Sherwood will do some investigation into whether or not Jenni Johnson or Larry McCrorey are available for music entertainment.
" Event will be a fundraiser. Suggestion was made to give the proceeds from the evening to a graduate student at UVM who is doing research on diversity-related issues.

6. Coordination of Secretary's Duties
" Might still need people to sign up with Mariette to take minutes at the next meetings. The three ALCO meetings that remain for the semester are on November 14, November 30 and December 12.

7. Budget
" ALCO has a budget of about $2,700 through the Office of Affirmative Action's budget. We need to spend our money since it might not be there in the future given that AA's budget is going through budget cuts, as all departments are at UVM.
" Possibly hold a spring semester symposium or have a special guest speaker come to campus. Bring someone from UNH or Plattsburgh State to talk about issues of race. Or, hold a fun workshop that addresses various cultural differences like hair differences, food, etc.
" Definitely hold an end of the year celebration in May

8. Guest Speakers
" Don Honeman, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid will be attending the ALCO meeting on Friday, November 30th.
" Try to get President Colodny for next semester.


Friday, September 28, 2001

Present: Anna McDonald, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Varna Ramaswamy, Ramani Sunderaju, Maria Erb, Deane Wang, Chris Harman, Bridget Turner, Juliet Young, Wanda Heading-Grant, Xu Long Ma, Andrew Flewelling, Rob Kelly, Don Grinde, Valerie Moore, Jake Diaz

I. The meeting started with a brief welcome form Maria Erb, the Secretary, and introductions.
II. Next, Interim Provost John Bramley stated that he wanted to make some brief comments addressing the questions raised in our letter and then wanted open the meeting for discussion
" The Provost talked about some of the progress we have made in terms of numbers. This fall we have a 26% increase in ALANA students across the board (undergraduate, graduate, medical).
" He shared with us that at least one of student recruited through the Christopher Columbus has left UVM, because he/she was having problems. Another first year ALANA student is having some family problems and may leave UVM.
" 12 new ALANA faculty members.
" Overall retention has increased as well, though there is still much work to do with issues concerning campus climate.

Provost Bramley shared with the group some of the steps that has been taken with respect to diversity issues on campus.
" The Affirmative Action Liaisons
" Workforce profiling
" Development of more defined evaluation process for chairs, that includes "efforts to increase diversity" as a criteria of evaluation.
" Creation of the Abenaki outreach coordinator
" A more established position (greater FTE) of the LGBTQ coordinator position.

Provost Bramley shared his concerns for things that the institution has not done/ not done well:
" Exit interviews for faculty and staff University wise.
" Hiring (he sees this as a resource issue)
" Commitment to diversity needs to be an institutionalized effort-everyone needs to know "why diversity is critical to running a quality institution".
" Bias incidents are still a concern. In this regard he stated that as we make progress with diversity an unfortunate consequence will be a likely increase of bias incidents. Continue to look at the "Bias Incidents Protocol"
" We also need to clearly explain to the larger community the importance of diversity. For some people "the coin has not dropped yet".

Questions and Answers

Q. What are some of the structural changes taking place that we should be aware off?

A. Provost Bramley stated that the proposal about the structural changes was meant to and has started a dialogue on campus about what we can do to make the institution better. This would include creating a more seamless environment.

Q. Everybody does diversity in his/her own college, which leads to balkanization. It has been very difficult for faculty to teach across colleges, e.g. Environmental studies and ALANA Studies would like to share faculty, but this has been a problem.

A. We are still not good at developing curricular components that support the broader faculty teaching university-wide.

Q. It was stated that funding is often a big issue in these cross college ventures.
A. Progress does not depend solely on money, but resources are important, e.g. the Faculty Incentive Funds have been key in many of the hires.

In response some concerns mentioned about Rebecca F. retiring the Provost shared his view of how he plans to address this. He would like to keep Rebecca on at a reduced FTE, in addition to a full-time person to fill her current position.

Q. We are always showing the world out warts. We need to find better ways to show successes to attract people (less beating ourselves up) this helps us to retain people and celebrate people. How can we use the things we do right as a way to attract more ALANA faculty, staff and students?

A. We should demonstrate RIO (return on investment)
The Provost shared that at the OCR meeting this summer it became clear that UVM is on track with its diversity efforts and not alone with the problems it faces. We have to make sure we do not become complacent because of progress.

Q. How does Provost propose to use non-ALANA allies to further influence and infiltrate the University with respect to issues of diversity?
A. Areas where the provost feels that he can have an influence:
" The Trustees
" Deans ("most of them get it").
" Within the rest of the faculty there is still room for improvement.

Q. Given all the work we are doing, what is your vision of the future?

A. The important issues are Community and Climate. The Provost stated that he would like to see this become an institution where a white kid from St. Johnsbury can come into this institution and leave it with an understanding of the power of diversity. He/she will also be equipped to be a valuable part of society at large and an individual who we can be proud of in the world.

Q. Is that what you see as a liberal education?

A. A liberal education would not only have an array of courses, but also values. It pertains to the whole process, as well as the individual components.

Q. Someone shared her surprise at learning that there are no diversity requirements at UVM. She stated that in addition to a mission and vision, a process is needed. Are there any plans to help faculty incorporate these elements into their courses?

A. The Provost talked about curricular cohesiveness and some of the work being done by the Faculty Senate. They are looking at knowledge, skills and values, that every student should have when they leave UVM. The Provost thought that value would be the most contentious issue.

Q. Faculty retention and salary. The Faculty Incentive Funds helps, but has the conversation about faculty salary stopped?

A. The conversation about compensation (salary and benefits) is still a major issue.
UVM is still 8-10% behind the market. This is due to: flat appropriation from the state, trustees refusing to increase tuition, UVM being max-ed out on student capacity and research funding being tied to specific projects.

The provost left at 12:50 p.m.

III. Other business
" Maria shared with us that Willi Coleman has accepted the position of member-at- large. However, no one has come forward to fill the co-chair and Secretary position. Maria can no longer be the Secretary because her new jobs requires her full attention. After some discussion it was decided that we will have one chair (which has traditionally been the case) and a rotating Secretary/ Minute taker. The dates for the meetings for rest of the semester will be sent out via the listserv and we will sign up as minute takers for each session. An alternate person will also be identified to cover in case the first person cannot make it.

" The group was also reminded that AAEO has provided clerical support to ALCO and that this offer still stands. This would entail that the note-taker types up the minutes and gets them to the person in AAEO within 48 hours. AAEO staff will also help with the scheduling of rooms. Wanda will verify to see which one of the support staff persons in AAEO (Connie or Mariette) would be the contact person for ALCO.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Members Present: Willi Coleman, Maria Erb, Rebecca Flewelling, Wanda Heading-Grant, Ricardo Johnson, Robert Kelly, Varna Ramswamy, Ramani Sunderaju and Juliet Young

1. Minutes from the August 8, 2001 meeting were approved.

2. Nominations and Discussion for new ALCO Officers
" New co-chair, two secretaries, and member at large needed
" No nominations at this point
" A reminder e-mail will be sent out to the membership

3. Meeting with campus leaders during the fall semester
" President Colodny-Unable to meet with us this fall semester. Will try to schedule for the spring.
" Provost Bramley-Scheduled to meet with us on Friday, September 28th. Ricardo Johnson will draft a letter to be sent to Provost Bramley about what we'd like him to talk about during the meeting.
" Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, Don Honeman-Will meet with us on November 30th.
4. Welcome Reception
" Reminder that the reception will be on Thursday, September 13 from 4-5:30 p.m. in Waterman Manor with a brief formal program starting at 4:30 p.m. Program will include a welcome by Rebecca Flewelling, announcements by Maria Erb, and a presentation to Don Grinde in recognition of his many years of service as co-chair by Ricardo Johnson, the other ALCO co-chair, and Willi Coleman, new Director of the ALANA Studies Program.

5. Announcements
" Weekly ALCO Lunch every Tuesday starting September 18th at the Waterman Manor at noon
" ALCO Social Hour at Sweetwaters from 4 - 6 p.m. on three Fridays-October 5, November 2 and December 7

6. Discussion with Rebecca Flewelling & Wanda Heading-Grant
" Institution will never be excellent until we become more diverse
" Increasing numbers of ALANA faculty, staff and students, climate and retention are issues that Rebecca is working on.
" ALCO needs to gain a better sense of initiatives. How do we fit in and get focused?
" PCORE will be focusing on programs and processes to keep people of color here at UVM.
" We need to define PCORE's role vs. ALCO's role. ALCO is grass roots and not tied to the administration. Are we a social group or an activist group. PCORE can't do that; ALCO controls itself.
" ALCO needs to help PCORE take the next step on campus. Would like to have a joint meeting with PCORE in the near future.
" Could ALCO be recognized like other organizations on campus i.e. Staff Council, Faculty Senate? Historically, we've always had an impact in important searches on campus. We do have more power than we give ourselves credit for.
" How can the Diversity Implementation Team, the Affirmative Action Liaisons, PCORE and ALCO all combine efforts so we're not stepping all over each other.
" Board of Trustees needs to see all of us, not just Wanda and Rebecca, at their open meetings. The ALCO members need to be visible where policy is happening. Meetings for this academic year are October 19-20, February 22-23, and May 10-11. Check for specific meeting details like times and locations.
" ALCO needs to support Provost Bramley. He's demonstrated that he's more than an ally with ownership and accountability.

Wednesday, August 8, 2001
Members Present: Maria Erb, Ricardo Johnson, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Ramani Sunderaju

1. PCORE Nominations
" ALCO has submitted the names of the following people to Mary Romary, coordinator of PCORE: Willie Cruz, Lisette Deida, Maria Erb and Deane Wang. All four people will be sent letters with an application and they can decide whether or not to accept the nomination and apply for a position on PCORE.
" Sheila Kirton-Robbins will serve as ALCO's representative on the Nominating Committee. This committee will interview and select the new PCORE members.

2. Nominations for New Officers
" Nominations for new officers need to be submitted to Maria via e-mail by September 12th
" Elections will take place by ballot on September 28th
" Positions available are co-chair, recording secretary, logistics secretary and member at large
" The co-chair will serve with the other co-chair, Ricardo Johnson. They will chair the meetings, represent ALCO at various events, and serve as the leadership for the group.
" The recording secretary will send out the agenda and notices of meetings, take the minutes for the meetings and distribute the minutes via e-mail, and pull together special ALCO letters as needed with assistance from the co-chairs
" The logistics secretary will take care of logistics for ALCO i.e. make arrangements for the ALCO Welcome Reception, contact various campus leaders to invite them to attend our ALCO meetings
" The member at large's role is yet to be determined
" Recognition of Don Grinde's tenure as co-chair will take place at the ALCO Welcome Reception. Maria will work on a gift.

3. Discussion of the Agenda for Academic year 2001-2002
" Meeting schedule
Wednesday, September 12 Phi Beta Kappa, Waterman
Friday, September 28 A202 Old Mill
Wednesday, October 10 Phi Beta Kappa, Waterman
Friday, October 26 A202 Old Mill
Wednesday, November 14 Phi Beta Kappa, Waterman
Friday, November 30 A202 Old Mill
Wednesday, December 12 Phi Beta Kappa, Waterman

" We'll discuss ALCO business at our Wednesday meetings and have guest speakers at our Friday meetings. We're hoping to line up various campus leaders (President Colodny, Provost Bramley, Admissions & Financial Aid Director Don Honeman, Bruce Lisman & Milt Goggins from the Board of Trustees and the SGA leaders) to come to our Friday meetings.

o Rebecca Flewelling and Wanda Heading Grant will speak to us at our first meeting on September 12 to talk about their involvement with diversity on campus and to discuss what we (ALCO) want to see from our campus leaders in the future.

o President Colodny may not be available to meet with us this fall during our regularly scheduled ALCO meetings so either we'll pick a non-ALCO meeting date to meet with him or we'll try to meet with Provost Bramley early in the semester and then with Colodny at the beginning of next semester.

o Maria will contact the various campus leaders to set up times for them to meet with us. A brief letter will need to be drafted before September 15th to send to our first guest speaker on September 28th and the others for the rest of the semester.

" Social Events Calendar
o Unveiling Ceremony of new art work at the McCrorey Gallery in Bailey-Howe Library on Tuesday, September 4th at 4:00 pm. Maria is waiting to be contacted by the organizing committee to find out how ALCO might be involved. Formal invitations will be sent out by that committee.

o The ALCO Welcome Back Reception will take place on Thursday, September 13 from
4:00-5:30pm in the Waterman Manor. A formal program will take place from 4:15-4:45
pm which will include introductions, a brief overview of what's happening in ALCO this year and a recognition presentation to Don Grinde for his service as co-chair. Hors d'oeuvres and desserts will be served. Sherwood, Willie and Maria are working together on sending invitations to all ALANA faculty, staff, and grad students. Personalized letters will go to all new ALANA hires. Maria will get those names and departments from Rebecca Flewelling.

o A weekly ALANA Coalition lunch will take place every Tuesday in Waterman Manor from 12:00-1:00 pm starting on September 18th until the end of the semester. The Manor Staff will reserve an ALANA Coalition table for us every week and if no one shows up by 12:15 pm, the table will be let go. This is a great opportunity to see your ALANA colleagues on a weekly basis.

o There will be an ALANA Coalition social gathering at Sweetwaters on Church Street from 4:00-6:00 pm on the following Fridays--October 5, November 2 and December 7. This is a great opportunity to relax and unwind with your ALANA colleagues after a long week!


June 13, 2001

Members Present: Willie Cruz, Jake Diaz, Maria Erb, Ricardo Johnson, Sandy Spiegel

… Members approved the request from Sherwood Smith of a donation of $300 for a two day workshop he is putting together for August called, "Navigating the Tough Discussions: Conversations on Social Justice Made Easier." It is being presented by: the Center for Cultural Pluralism, Training & Development, Race & Culture, Center for Teaching & Learning, the School of Natural Resources, the Provost's Office, and now, the ALANA Coalition.
… The workshop is a program developed to address questions and concerns on how to deal with difficult questions or comment in a class or professional development setting. The program is focused specifically on issues of social justice such as race/ethnicity, class, gender and sexual identity.

… Maria has received note summaries from all of the facilitators. She will send them out to ALCO as soon as her computer issues are solved, which should be in the next couple of weeks.
… Maria will check with Wanda regarding the status of the subcommittee.
… When Sherwood has an opportunity, pictures from the retreat will be forwarded to Deane for posting on the ALCO web site.
… Sandy Spiegel will resend her e-mail regarding the ALCO social calendar for this upcoming year. She would like ALCO members to respond as to which individual event(s) they're willing to help coordinate as opposed to having a social committee that's responsible for planning all social activities.

… Maria will check with Rebecca Flewelling regarding the status of the unveiling of the new painting in the McCrorey Gallery in the Bailey-Howe Library. ALCO may want to tie the welcome reception to this event.
… Will discuss further at the July ALCO meeting

… Ricardo will be in touch with Don Grinde to see what his status is regarding co-chair since he is on sabbatical this year. If Don is not available, will need to have an election for a new co-chair.
… Will also need to elect a new secretary for this upcoming academic year
… Elections will take place at the beginning of the new academic year in September

… Wednesdays from 12:05-1pm in Phi Beta Kappa, 5th Floor Waterman
… July 11
… August 8


Thursday, May 17, 2001
ALCO Retreat

Present: Beverly Colston, Willie Cruz, Maria Erb, Rebecca Flewelling, Ernesto Garcia-Rubi, Don Grinde, Mary Guillory, Wanda Heading-Grant, Ricardo Johnson, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Lokangaka Losambe, Dien Phan, Ramani Sunderaju, Marie Vea-Fagnant, Marie-Claire Smith, Sandy Spiegel, Deane Wang, Juliet Young

Thank you to all who attended the retreat. A lot of great ideas were generated and the 2001-2002 Academic year promises to be a busy and exciting one for ALCO!

The facilitators from each session will be responsible for typing up their notes from their sessions and forwarding them as soon as possible to Maria Erb, Secretary. The notes will be posted on the web site for all members to read.
Session I Deane & Sandy
Session IIA Sherwood
Session IIB Don
Session III Deane

A subcommittee was formed to put the ideas into action for this upcoming year. A proposal will need to be completed and forwarded to Maria Erb by mid-July so meeting rooms can be reserved.

The subcommittee members are:
Wanda Heading-Grant, Mary Guillory, Ricardo Johnson, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, and Ramani Sunderaju

Summer ALCO meetings will take place on the following Wednesdays from 12 Noon-1pm in the Phi Beta Kappa Room in the Waterman Building:
June 13
July 11
August 8



Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Members Present: Maria Erb, Rebecca Flewelling, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Sherwood Smith, Sandra Spiegel, and Deane Wang

1. End of the Year Retreat
… The Retreat is scheduled for Thursday, May 17th from 8am-1pm at the Bishop Booth Conference Center at Rock Point in Burlington
… Attendees should register with Maria by Thursday, May 10th by calling 656-4323 or e-mailing her at
… Sherwood has only received a few of the filled out ALANA Coalition Surveys. Members should take the time to fill out this survey before the retreat on May 17th.
… Facilitators for the sessions are as follows: Sandy Spiegel and Deane Wang for Session I; Sherwood Smith for Session IIA and Don Grinde for Session IIB; and Deane Wang for Session III

2. Miscellaneous Announcements
… Milton Goggans, the Chair of the Diversity Committee, would like to meet at some point in this upcoming year with current ALANA students, faculty and staff
… The Center for Cultural Pluralism and the ALANA Student Center will be holding a special ALANA Alumni Reception during Reunion Weekend in June
… An update was given about various new faculty, staff and NEBHE Fellows of color. We hope to make contact with all of them this fall at our "Welcome" reception
… It was suggested that we coincide the ALCO "Welcome" reception with the unveiling of a new painting in the Lawrence McCrorey Gallery in Bailey/Howe Library. A reception could be held in one of the rooms a the library following the unveiling; plans will be determined at the retreat.
… PCORE is working on putting together an information website that could provide information about diversity at UVM, achievements in diversity, issues, etc.
… It was requested that ALCO nominate some future commencement speakers of color as well as some people to receive honorary degrees. Nominations need to be submitted by the end of the summer.
… It was suggested that ALCO nominate a person of color for "Staff person of the Year" since there usually aren't any people of color chosen. Nominations need to be made within the next few weeks.

3. Meeting Schedule … This meeting was the last regular ALCO meeting for the semester
… The ALCO retreat will be the conclusion of the 2000-2001 academic year
… The meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 23rd is cancelled


Wednesday, April 25 2001

Members Present: Maria Erb, Rebecca Flewelling, Don Grinde, Wanda Heading-Grant, Ricardo Johnson and Sherwood Smith

1. End of the Year Retreat
The Retreat is scheduled for Thursday, May 17th from 8am-1pm at the Bishop Booth Conference Center at Rock Point in Burlington
The Planning Committee met and established the format and sessions for the retreat
Discussion was held about the who should facilitate the various sessions during the retreat. Some of our ALCO members will facilitate Session I and Session IIA, IIB, and IIC. It was decided that we should have an outside facilitator (not actively involved in ALCO) who is a person of color and knows UVM to a certain degree for the "Hot Topics" session
Some of the names that came up were Jack Clemmons (a retired Med School faculty member),Arnold Thomas (from the Conference of United Churches of Christ), Kyle Dodson (from St.Michael's College), Tracy (from the Vermont Human Rights Commission), Carol Nepton (Race & Culture faculty member), Larry McCrorey (a retired Undergrad Faculty Member), andKatharine Dungy (a current Faculty Member).
The Planning Committee will meet again to finalize a decision on the facilitator for the "Hot Topics" session. Availability of facilitators will more than likely be the deciding factor. The committee will also determine the roles and responsibilities of the facilitators.
Maria will ask Deane Wang to post the retreat announcement on the ALCO web page, send an e-mail announcement of the retreat on the ALCO listserv, and create a flyer that will be sent in campus mail to all ALANA faculty, staff and graduate students
FYI--the day of the retreat is also he same day as the Board of Trustees meetings and the President's Search Committee

2. President's Search Committee
Rebecca Flewelling, who is on the President’s Search Committee, will remind the Committeeof ALCO's desire to be involved with the selection and interview process
Maria will send Rebecca a hard copy of the February letter via campus mail

3. Next Meeting12:05pm in Old Mill, Room A303, Wednesday, May 9th


Wednesday, April 11 2001

Members Present:  Willi Coleman, Willie Cruz, Jake Diaz, Maria Erb, Ernesto Garcia-Rubi, Don Grinde, Wanda Heading-Grant, Ricardo Johnson, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Sherwood Smith, Sandy Spiegel, Deane Wang

1. Angela Batista's Departure
An ALANA Coalition letter of recognition/appreciation and a Cross pen with UVMís indicia will be presented to Angela Batista at her farewell party in the afternoon of April 11th.

2. End of the Year Retreat
The Retreat will take place on Thursday, May 17th from 8-1pm at the Bishop Booth Conference Center (located near Burlington High School/North Beach in Burlington). Cost for the facility, continental breakfast and lunch is approximately $600.

Tentative schedule is as follows:
8-8:15am Arrival/Continental Breakfast
8:15-9am Session I
9-10am Session II
10-10:15am Break
10:15am-12pm Session III
12:15-1pm  Lunch

€ Items for discussion during the sessions include:

Outreach to new faculty, staff, grad students and NEBHE fellows
Fall Reception for faculty, staff, grad students and NEBHE fellows
Publicity for membership
Meeting format (When?  How often? Etc.)
How will we operate as a group?
What is ALCOís role on campus?
How does PCORE fit in?
Political Issues on Campus (President, Provost searches)
How to use our allies more?
More collaborative events with other organizations on campus
More social events
What is our action plan for the next academic year?
What are our projected outcomes?

€ Possible facilitators for the retreat include Sandy Spiegel, Deane Wang, Don Grinde, Sherwood Smith or an outside ally
€ Co-Chair Ricardo Johnson will set up a retreat planning committee meeting which includes Ricardo, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Wanda Heading-Grant and Willi Coleman
€ Secretary Maria Erb will book the facility and forward information to the planning committee

3. AAUP Faculty Union
Brief discussion was held about the AAUP Faculty Union Vote
ALCOís questions were posed to the Union Reps which they forwarded to our Co-chair Don Grinde for a response. Donís responses to ALCOís questions will be sent over the ALCO listserv. Any further questions regarding the Union can be e-mailed to Don.

4. Next Meeting12:05pm in Phi Beta Kappa, 5th Floor, Waterman on Wednesday, April 25th


Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Members Present: Maria Erb, Elena Garcia, Wanda Heading-Grant, Ricardo Johnson, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Sherwood Smith, Sandy Spiegel, Deane Wang

Update on the President Search

  1. An advisory panel has been established to set up the Interim President Search Committee
  2. An advisory panel is in the process of being established for the permanent President Search Committee
  3. We received a letter from Rebecca Martin stating that she appreciated the reminder that ALCO would like to be involved in the searches. Our letter will be forwarded to the Search Committees once they have been established.
  4. Ricardo Johnson has been appointed to the Advisory Panel for the Interim President Search Committee
Update on other searches
  1. Registrar Search Interviews have been completed and the Committeeís recommendations have been forwarded to Jane Lawrence
  2. VP for Human Resources SearchóInterviews have been completed
AAUP Faculty Union
  • Vote will be taking place in the middle of April
  • ALCO members support the right of the faculty to unionize just like we supported the right of physical plant staff to unionize a few years ago
  • Elena Garcia will pose questions to the AAUP Representatives on behalf of ALCO at a meeting on Thursday, March 29th
  • The main question that we have for them is if the union can demonstrate evidence of their commitment to issues of diversity
  • An e-mail will be sent out to the listserv asking ALCO members to send Elena any additional questions they may have
  • Elena will let us know how the meeting goes.

The Climate Committee is working on a way to recognize people at UVM who have participated in diversity initiatives

Affirmative Action Liaison Panel

Members of ALCO will be serving on a panel at the Affirmative Action Liaison panel to brainstorm ideas for a resource brochure that UVM could hand out to prospective/new hires.

Hillel Event

ALCO received a letter from Hillel requesting a donation for co-sponsorship for Yom HaShoah, the Annual Holocaust Remember Day that will be held on April 19th at 6:30 pm in the ALANA Student Center. We agreed to donate $100 and publicize the event on our listserv. Maria Erb will take care of the tranfer of funds with Marriette in the AA Office

Meeting Schedule for the Rest of the Semester

Discussion took place about the lack of attendance for this last semester and how we could interest more ALCO members to attend meetings. Decided to have an end of the year ALCO Retreat to set the agenda for next year. The Retreat will take place on Thursday, May 17th from 8-12pm. Maria Erb will work with Connie in the AA Office to find a location. Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be included. Planning Committee consists of Deane, Elena, Maria, Ricardo, Sandy, Sherwood, and Wanda. Next ALCO meeting will focus on setting the agenda and getting the publicity together for the May 17th retreat. We need the member's input! Let us know what you would like to see on the Retreat agenda by e-mailing Maria.Erb

Next Meeting will take place at 12:05pm in A303 Old Mill on Wednesday, April 11th

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Members Present: Maria Erb, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Wanda Heading-Grant

  1. Diversity Implementation Team--Still have not heard back about our proposal that we submitted to the DIT Team. Stay tuned.
  2. Congratulations to Willi Coleman, ALCO member, who is now the Director of the ALANA Studies Program!
  3. One more interview for the VP for Human Resources position. Wanda Heading-Grant's interview with ALCO, PCORE and ALANA Faculty will take place on Tuesday, March 6th from 1:15-2:15pm in the Senate Conference Room in Waterman. Her open forum will take place from 2:30-3:30pm in Memorial Lounge. Please try to attend one of these time slots!
  4. The Registrar Search is currently in the process of on-campus interviews. One candidate has come to campus and three more are scheduled within the next two weeks. Maria will post an e-mail when she receives details on times and places. There is at least one person of color in this candidate pool.
  5. A letter was sent on February 21st to Interim President Rebecca Martin indicating ALCO's strong desire to be involved in both the President and Provost Searches (interim and permanent).
  6. Start thinking about an ALCO End of the Year Barbecue at Blundell House on Redstone Campus!

Next meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 14 from 12:05-1pm in A303 Old Mill

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

There was a brief ALCO meeting. Members would like to send a letter to Rebecca Martin, Acting President, (cc: Bruce Lisman, Chair of the Board of Trustees) letting her know that ALCO would like to be involved in the selection process for the Interim and permanent President and Provost positions. The letter will be very similar to the one that we sent to Dean Joan Smith and President Ramaley about the Provost search. Maria will put together a letter as soon as possible and will e-mail it to the ALCO listserv for comments before sending it to Rebecca.

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 in Phi Beta Kappa, 5th Floor Waterman

Wednesday, January 31, 2001
MEMBERS PRESENT: Maria Erb, Don Grinde, Ricardo Johnson

  1. ALCO Meeting with Graduate Students No graduate students were represented at today’s meeting so no discussion was held. If an event is planned in the future, Sherwood has offered CCP’s space to hold an event
  2. Diversity Implementation Team Proposal The memo was approved and is being sent to Rebecca Martin. ALCO will wait to hear from the DIT and then forward them the names of the Reps. We still need more ALCO members to volunteer to be Reps

  3. ALANA Studies Director Search ALCO invited to open forum with the ALANA Studies Director Search Committee on Friday, February 2nd from 12:35-1:15pm in Room 225 Old Mill
    ALCO has been given two time slots for a total of 40 minutes since no one filled the 12:55-1:15pm time slot. Ricardo and Maria will attend the forum but would like to have a couple other ALCO members join them. Interviews for the Director’s position will be held on Friday, February 9, 2001 from 12:15-2:15pm in Room 225 Old Mill. More details will be available in the next week. ALCO will need to have representation at the interviews.

  4. Vice President for Human Resources Search ALCO has been asked to participate in the interview process and will combine time slots with PCORE and ALANA Studies Faculty. ALCO is invited to meet with Candidate Anna McDonald on Thursday, February 8th from 10:45-11:45am in the Senate Conference Room in Waterman. Only a couple people should attend that forum since there is limited space. An open forum is scheduled on the same day from 2:30-3:30pm in Memorial Lounge for the campus community–please feel free to attend then if it’s more convenient.

    Candidate Sarah Steele will meet with ALCO, PCORE & ALANA Studies Faculty from 1:15-2:15pm on Wednesday, February 14th. Her open forum will be on Thursday, February 15th from 10-11am in John Dewey Lounge.

    Two other candidates will be interviewed on February 21&22 and on March 6&7. More details to come on those candidates. Resumes will be available on all of the candidates at their interviews. Maria does have Anna McDonald’s resume so please let her know if you’d like a copy sent to you in the mail. Resumes are not available electronically.

  5. Update on Provost’s Search Probably going to be an open search–search will continue until the right person is found.

  6. Next meeting is Wednesday, February 14th from 12:05-1:15pm in Room A303 Old Mill.

    Please be aware that there is now a class scheduled in the room until 12:05pm.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001
MEMBERS PRESENT: Jake Diaz, Maria Erb, Don Grinde, Wanda Heading-Grant, Ricardo Johnson, Sherwood Smith, Sandy Spiegel, Deane Wang


1. Provost’s Search Committee
Memo dated December 18, 2000 received from Chair Joan Smith letting us know that she or an appointed member of the search committee would work with ALCO to ensure sufficient opportunity to meet with candidates when they are on-campus.
Rebecca Flewelling, Jake Diaz and Deane Wang are all on the Provost’s Search committee.
Position Posting is in this week’s Chronicle of Higher Education

2. Diversity Implementation Team Proposal
Discussion was held on the proposal that needs to be submitted to the Diversity Implementation Team.
Maria will draft a letter, send to the ALCO list and ask members to make additions/subtractions and also ask members if they would like to be on the list of available ALANA Coalition Reps.
ALANA Coalition Reps would be available to advise, educate, provide an experiential dimension to diversity at UVM and serve as a resource to various constituents on-campus. Reps would be working on behalf of ALCO in efforts to make ALCO more visible and known on campus. ALCO members who become Reps should be willing to talk candidly and openly to a variety of people at UVM.
This list of Reps would be available to all offices/departments on campus. If they need assistance for activities or need advice, it would be that department’s responsibility to be in touch with the rep. This would eliminate the need for contacts to be coordinated by an ALCO member.
Any assistance that ALCO Reps provide, must be recognized with a thank you letter to the Rep and cc’d to the Rep’s supervisor, President Ramaley and ALCO. A brief report will be made at a subsequent ALCO meeting following the Rep’s involvement.
ALCO Reps would serve on a volunteer and on-availability basis for a one-year commitment. At the end of the year, could continue on or be taken off the list. (It’s ok to say no if you don’t have the time or don’t want to participate in a certain activity!)
The concern was raised that departments or offices hiring for positions might rely on the ALCO reps as the sole "recruitment tool" for diversity. We decided we would give the ALANA Reps program a try and make changes, if needed.
The Diversity Implementation Team would assist in institutionalizing the ALANA Coalition Reps

3. Director of Human Resources Search Committee
Don received a call from Tom Gustafson asking ALCO to be involved with the search process
Don will work with Tom to get dates, times, locations and vitas (possibly in E-mail form so we can send them to the ALCO listserv) and will have Maria send announcement via the listserv. ALCO would like to have a 45 minute to one hour time slot to have adequate time in the event that the candidate’s interview is behind schedule. ALCO will submit a written report to the search committee giving a brief summary of our feelings on the candidates

4. Affirmative Action Liaisons
Liaisons would like to meet with ALCO at future trainings to discuss diversity at UVM
Possibly team with ALCO to put together a list of resources (i.e. hair salons, churches) that all departments or offices could use when recruiting and hiring for positions.

5. Upcoming Events
Posters and flyers were distributed for Black History Month coming up in February
Posters were distributed for Gospelfest, which will take place on Sunday, February 18th

Wednesday, January 31, 12:05-1pm in Phi Beta Kappa, Waterman Building

Topics of Discussion:
1. ALCO meeting with new ALANA Graduate Students (HESA visits are March 8-10 and March 15-17)
2. Letter to Diversity Implementation Team

Wednesday, December 6, 2000

Willi Coleman, Willie Cruz, Jake Diaz, Maria Erb, Don Grinde, Wanda Heading-Grant, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Sherwood Smith, Sandy Spiegel

1. Diversity Implementation Team
Ricardo Johnson and Sheila Kirton-Robins represented ALCO at the DIT meeting on November 17th. A portion of the meeting was spent on what DIT and ALCO were doing. One idea that came out of the meeting was that a group be put together of ALANA faculty, staff and students to serve as “consultants” or a resource for the related ALANA Offices on campus i.e. the ALANA Student Center, ALANA Studies, the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, the Center for Cultural Pluralism. It was further discussed that this group of consultants could serve Department Chairs, Deans, and Administrative Offices campus-wide rather than just a small select group. The DIT asked ALCO to put together a proposal of what we would like to see and they would support us and help institutionalize this committee. Discussion was held at today’s ALCO meeting concerning the DIT proposal. It was suggested that rather this be a whole new group of ALANA faculty, staff and grad students that it be a subgroup of ALCO. Three or four people could commit for one year to be available to consult on ALANA-related issues in a variety of areas i.e. policy and procedure decisions. People who are on the committee would have to be members of ALCO and have demonstrated interest in diversity issues. This committee would definitely make ALCO more visible in the campus community. Further discussion regarding this topic will be held at the next ALCO meeting in January. It was suggested that Ricardo head up the committee that will formulate the proposal.
One other item of discussion within this topic was how to work with our Allies on campus. It was suggested that we pull together a formal list of campus-wide allies and meet with them once a year to update them on what’s happening with ALCO just like we meet once a year with the President, the Provost and the DIT.

2. Letter from President Ramaley
ALCO has received a letter from President Ramaley thanking us for our recent letter requesting that a faculty or staff
person of color serve on the Provost’s Search Committee. ALCO’s next step will be writing a second letter to the
President asking her to make sure we get on the finalists’ on-campus interview schedules. Traditionally, ALCO has
interviewed the upper level administration candidates and has then submitted a recommendation report of whom we would like to see in that particular position. The co-chairs will work on an initial draft of this letter then sent out on the listserv with a delivery date to the President before the end of the fall semester. A cc: will go to Dean Smith in the College of Arts & Sciences since she is chairing the Provost’s Search Committee.

3. Web Page Progress
Everyone appreciates the effort that Deane Wang has put into the new ALCO web page. Some members suggested that
pictures would look great on the site. One noted item that needs to change is the link between clicking on the ALANA
Coalition in the UVM A to Z categories. Clicking on ALCO takes you to the Center for Cultural Pluralism’s home page
instead of the ALCO home page.

4. Letter of Invitation to ALCO Meetings
Jake, Willie and Sandy volunteered to compose and send a letter to all ALANA faculty, staff and graduate students
inviting them to our meetings for Spring Semester 2001. This letter should go out prior to our first meeting on
Wednesday, January 17. Any questions regarding mailing lists/labels should be directed to Maria.

5. Dates & Times of Meetings for Spring Semester 2001
Not many members responded to the survey for changing the times of the ALCO meetings. Of those who responded, the majority wanted to keep the meetings on every other Wednesday during the noon hour. The meetings will continue on this schedule for spring semester but we’ll review the issue again before the end of next semester.

6. Funding for Center for Cultural Pluralism & Hillel Event
Sherwood Smith presented a request for a $200 donation from the ALANA Coalition to help fund a lecture during Black History Month. Two New York Supreme Court Justices (one Jewish and one African-American) and an Anti-Defamation League liaison will come to campus to talk about their experiences. The event will be held on February 20 from 7-9pm in Memorial Lounge. All ALCO members present approved this request for funding

7. Black History Month
Sandy Spiegel from the ALANA Student Center is putting together a master list of all of the events for Black History Month (February 2001). If you have any events that you would like to be included, ALCO members should contact her or Mary Romary at the ALANA Student Center as soon as possible.

8. Graduate Students of Color Spring Interviews
It was suggested that the ALANA Coalition take time to meet with the ALANA Graduate Students who come to campus to interview for their assistanceships in the spring of 2001. More discussion on this topic will take place at the next ALCO meeting.

Wednesday, November 8, 2000
Present: Angela Batista, Maria Erb, Don Grinde, Ricardo Johnson, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Deane Wang

1. Minutes from the ALANA Coalition meeting on Wednesday, October 25 were approved.
2. The final draft of the letter to President Ramaley requesting that an ALANA Faculty or Staff member be involved with the Provost Search committee will be sent via e-mail to the ALCO Listserv. We’ll be asking ALANA Coalition members to send comments and feedback within 24 hours so we can send the final letter to President Ramaley before she chooses the committee. The letter will not be signed by anyone specific; it will be from the ALANA Coalition as a whole.
3. A discussion took place on meeting times for next semester. It was decided that we would send a survey on the ALCO Listserv asking for people’s opinions on better times for the meetings. Some options include meeting on a monthly basis at the noon hour or at a different time; continuing to meet on a every other week basis but at a different time; or planning to meet every other week but canceling meetings if there are no specific agenda items. We will keep our meeting times the same for the remaining meetings for the fall semester but hope to try something different starting in January 2001. We will discuss the feedback at the December 6th meeting and set the schedule for next semester.
4. Deane Wang has volunteered to put together a web site for the ALANA Coalition. Members will be responsible for putting together the content and getting it to Deane. Some of the items we would like to see on the web page are the mission, vision, calendar of meetings, links to Building Our Community and other ALANA sites/events at UVM. The secretary will pull together as much information together as possible within the next week from the ALANA Coalition notebook and then ask various members for additional information.
5. The Diversity Implementation Team has invited us to meet with them on Friday, November 17, 2000 in the
Marsh Lounge in the Billings Student Center from 12-1pm. They would like the ALANA Coalition members to comment and provide feedback on the Diversity Implementation Team’s vision statement for UVM. Our co-chairs will also give a brief ten-minute presentation about the ALANA Coalition. An e-mail containing the text of the vision statement will be sent via the ALCO Listserv. We hope to have a good showing of membership at this meeting and if people are unable to make it, please e-mail comments to
6. A suggestion was made to send a letter to ALANA faculty, staff and graduate students at the beginning of
the Spring 2001 semester to inform them of the ALANA Coalition meeting times and also to let them know
what we are all about. We provide a safe space for the ALANA community to come together and discuss a variety of issues. We’ll determine at the next meeting who will write the letter. We will also need to get labels from human resources for ALANA faculty and staff and will work with one of our members to get an ALANA graduate student list.


Wednesday, November 22nd in Phi Beta Kappa, 5th Floor, Waterman
Topics of Discussion:

  • Follow-up discussion on the Diversity Implementation Team meeting held on November 17th
  • Presentation on the TRIO program by Ricardo Johnson
  • Formation of committee to write and send the invitation letter to all ALANA Faculty/Staff/Graduate Students for Spring 2001

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