Faculty Research

Race in the college classroom

Emily Bernard's study of interracial dynamics in American culture is a strong voice in the field. Her current research around race in the college classroom has been featured in American Scholar, Best American Essays, Best African American Essays, and Best of Creative Non-Fiction. Learn more about Emily Bernard.

Jazz cultural studies

John Gennari is internationally recognized as an expert on the subject of jazz and its impact on our culture. Learn more about John Gennari.


For the last decade Gregory Ramos has focused on diversity-related themes and he has created solo performance work based on personal interviews. Ramos' most produced solo work has been Border Stories, inspired by interviews conducted with LGBT people on the US-Mexico border. Learn more about Gregory Ramos.

Gregory Ramos

When We Danced

Gregory Ramos' most recent work is entitled When We Danced, inspired by interviews with senior and elderly LGBT people. This latest work explores growing older as a person who identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or transgender and traces social and historical changes through personal experience. Ramos sees this as an ever-evolving work and will continue to conduct interviews and add current event themes as they relate to LGBT culture.