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Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Program

Professors join the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies program from departments across campus, including:

Discover the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Expand your notion of what it means to be African American, Latino/a, Asian American or Native American. TheCritical Race and Ethnic Studies Program educates students who wish to develop a broader appreciation of the history and culture of African–, Latino–/Latina–, Asian– and Native Americans, while also considering how concepts of race and ethnicity help scholars better understand U.S. history, society and culture. The program also focuses on how cultural exchange has shaped the experience of all Americans.

Join professors from many disciplines across campus

Faculty from nearly a dozen academic disciplines teach courses that hone students' analytical tools for understanding how race and ethnicity relate to economics, religion, geography, literature, music and other aspects of American life.

Experience enriched by lectures and performances

Course offerings are enriched by a vigorous schedule of lectures and performances by nationally and internationally acclaimed writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and scholars.

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