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Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Program

Professors join the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies program from departments across campus, including:

Discover the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Students in the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Program learn to analyze the way race and ethnicity are constructed and articulated within and without the borders of the United States, a project of increasingly urgent importance. The aim of the program is to enable students to understand that race and ethnicity are not stable categories; instead they are ever-changing processes that are radically contingent on history, politics, geography, culture, and multiple other factors. The “critical” in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies indicates the deliberate complexity at the heart of our approach: at the same that our program is dedicated to the investigation of race and ethnicity as they exist as meaningful and impactful realities in the daily lives of people all over the globe, we view these categories as inherently flawed and insufficient. Ultimately, race and ethnicity are not categories that translate seamlessly from culture to culture, even within the U. S. ┬áThese terms take on radically different meanings that depend on one’s vantage point. Neither do they develop independently; race and ethnicity are inherently relational and intersectional. One factor that has been consistent in every incarnation of racial and ethnic identity, however, is power. In the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies program, students come to appreciate, overall, the centrality of power relations in the development of identity of marginalized peoples. We are a close-knit community of faculty and students who are dedicated to conducting this exciting work both in and out of the classroom.

Join professors from many disciplines across campus

Our faculty consists of a dynamic group of scholars who approach the study of race and ethnicity through the lens of disciplines such as: Art History, Anthropology, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, Global Studies, Religion, Romance Languages, Political Science, Theater, and others.

Experience enriched by lectures and performances

Course offerings are enriched every semester by a vigorous schedule of lectures and performances by nationally and internationally acclaimed writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and scholars.

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