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                             From a Bread and Puppet Theatre performance in Glover, Vermont. Photo by A. Ivakhiv

Links to my research:
Ecologies of Identity     Ecocriticism & Visual Culture      Pilgrimage, Politics, Religion & Nature       

The ever expanding list of links. . .
is currently being revamped, but a skeletal version of it is found below.





MISCELLANEOUS (politics, philosophy, religion, critical skills, etc.)



Angle - A Journal of Arts & Culture
Boston Book Review ~ complete archive of articles
Capitalism Nature Socialism (CNS)
Culture Machine (Generating Research in Culture & Theory)
EASST Review  (European Association for the Study of Science and Technology)

Electronic Book Review ~ Issues on Eust European postmodernism (8), Critical Ecologies (4), Post-feminism (3), & other topics

Environmental Ethics (Center for Environmental Philosophy)
Journal of Political Ecology

Metamute - Culture and Politics After the Net
Mother Jones Magazine
Negations (An Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Thought)

Postmodern Culture ~ leading electronic journal with online (text-only) articles

Semiotic Review of Books
Society for Philosophy & Technology (quarterly journal)
Space and Culture
SURFACES ~ U. Montréal revue électronique (bilingual)

Topia - Canadian cultural studies journal
ZNET ~ ZMagazine's excellent web site

Environmental thought & politics


History of Environmental Ethics for the Novice

Association for Studies in Literature and Environment (ASLE) home page

ASLE Bibliography

Wild Ideas ~ Wild Nature, Culture, Spirituality, Sexuality, Politics, etc.

Environmental Communication Resource Center (Northern Arizona University)

Environmental Education on the Internet

Culture & Environment Journals & Newsletters



Rainforest Action Network ~ home page
The Wildlands Project
Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR)
Social Spatialization ~ Rob Shields's links site

High Country News Home Page ~ Rockies and western states focus

Adbusters ~ Culture Jammers Headquarters

EnviroLink news service

Project for Public Spaces


Cultural studies

Theorists & ideas
Doug Kellner's "Illuminations"
Steven Shaviro's "Doom Patrols"
Andrew Feenberg
"Constructivism: From philosophy to practice"

Cultural theory/studies resources ~See their excellent A-to-Z index

Cineaste ~ Left-leaning film magazine

Cultural Studies Central

The Burning Man Project

UCIrvine Critical Theory Resource

Learning Commons ~ "What is Culture?"

Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center ~ Articles, papers, resources

After Postmodernism conference ~ Culture, embodiment, Heidegger,

"Technorealism" ~ A level-headed perspective on cyberculture & info tech.

Cyberculture & Theory



Science & technology studies  


Cultural Studies of Science & Technology links

European Association for the Study of Science & Technology (EASST)

STS Links ~ large resources base

Philosophy of Technology bibliography ~ Excellent philosophy of tech. resource,

with links to many complete essays by all the big names.

Doug Kellner's review of Borgmann, Crossing the Postmodern Divide

Michael Gorman's "Transforming Nature"
Andrew Feenberg's home page

Specific topics & controversies

Scientific skepticism

Skeptic Magazine
Closed-minded Science ~ Skepticism of "skepticism"

Complex systems, autopoiesis, cognitive biology, et al.

Epistemology, Consciousness, & the Mind

Ecology of mind




Red Pepper ~ Radical newsmagazine from Britain

Jay's Leftist and "Progressive" Resource Directory

|d|i|s|i|n|f|o|r|m|a|t|i|o|n| ~ The hip, alternative web search engine

ZNet ~ ZMagazine's web page


Philosophy & Religion

Ereignis: Martin Heidegger page

Eugene Gendlin's Philosophy of Implicit Entry directory

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (contents)

Critical skills

Study Skills Self Help Information
Basic Guide to Essay Writing


Susan Blackmore

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