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Agroecology and Rural Livelihoods Group

Ernesto Méndez Joins The McKnight Foundation's Innovative Collaborative Crop Research Program

ARLG leader, Ernesto Méndez, has recently joined the McKnight Foundation's innovative Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP, ), as a new member of its Advisory Committee. See the announcement in the CCRP webpage:  The formal invitation and acceptance came after Méndez attended several days of the CCRP annual meeting in Seville, Spain, this January. Since 1993, the CCRP has raised over $127 million to support participatory, collaborative agricultural research for smallholder farmers in 3 African regions and the South American Andes. More recently, the CCRP has garnered important support from the Gates Foundation. In the last few years the CCRP's focus has shifted towards agroecological intensification. As part of his duties, Professor Méndez will attend CCRP meetings and provide guidance and content support in Agroecology to the CCRP's regional Communities of Practice (CoP). Méndez commented that this is a great opportunity to learn new things and expand his networks in research for international agricultural development. More concretely, he hopes that his affiliation with the CCRP and McKnight will help to fund new endeavors for the Agroecology and Rural Livelihoods Group in addition to raising UVM's profile in international agroecological research.

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