CALS 183 Lab 1 notes Sunday 12 January 2014

For first lab, Mon. Jan 13 - Fri. Jan 17


-Know Dr. Leonard's contact information: 208D Morrill, 656-2979 (Office), 434-3787 (home), Cell: 802-598-6105

-Know the CALS 183 Syllabus page link:

-Know how to get to the Lab Outlines:

-Check out your classroom before your lab! Use to see when classroom is free.

-Figure out a time every week where you and your lab partner can get together to plan and grade assignments.

-Get list of your students and lab materials (name tents pens, handouts) from Dr. L

-Put together Speaking Schedule for the semester: generally 10-11 speakers per lab. 

  Post on web and send link to Dr. L, or send Dr. L the HTML file.  See examples from last semester:

  Wait to assign the groups!

-Make an Attendance sheet

-Put together Lab Roles Schedule for the semester.  See example from last year: (please add "laptop assistant" persons to Informational, Persusasive & Choice weeks).  Post on web and send link to Dr. L, or send the HTML file to Dr. L.  Let's do this in Morrill Computer Lab after we finish going over the outline below:


Bring to lab:

Attendance sheet

Name tent materials: cards, pens

Lab 1 Introduction outline handouts (one for each TA)

Lab Partner Interview Questions Sheet (one per student)

Timing Sheets (one per lab)

Dramatic reading grading sheets (one for each TA plus one for each student in lab)

Lab Roles sheets (one per student)

Clipboard & paper


Remember: You are role models for your students!  You will be grading your students!


Write your name & contact information (email & phone) on the board.  Tell students to write it down.


Have students make NAME TENTS.  Collect at end of lab.


MAIN LAB EXERCISE:  Students Introduce each other (3-5 minutes each) TAs should demonstrate by introducing each other. 

Pass out the Partner Interview Questions

handout.  Have students spend at least half an hour to talk to each other and take notes on:


            Where grew up

            What was the culture like where you grew up?

            Why came to UVM


            Favorite Books

            Favorite Movies

            Most interesting place visited

            Other interests: Sports, Outdoors, Music, Travel

            Future plans


Introduction should take 3-5 minutes.  TIME THEM.  If someone stops early, say “Your introduction of XXXX lasted only X minutes, it should have been at least 3 minutes.”


Pass out and Go over:


Lab Roles-starting with Dramatic Reading

Dramatic Reading sheet (Be ready week after next!!!), pass out one sheet per student

Speaking Neutral Stance Posture: stand tall and upright, feet shoulder width apart, arms hanging naturally by your sides

            Single most important thing: Practice in front of others & get feedback <--This is required for our class!

Make sure students write down your contact info: phone numbers, email address.

STRESS: It is important to arrive to lab a few minutes early so you are in your seat and ready to participate when lab begins.  

STRESS: Attendance Policy from Syllabus: If a student is sick or can not go to lab, Dr. L and the TAs need to hear from the DEANS Office, BEFORE LAB otherwise a ZERO.


Next week: no labs (MLK Day holiday). Lectures will meet.


Dramatic Readings begin Monday Jan 27.  Read outloud to your students the Dramatic Reading Schedule (who will be delivering their dramatic reading) - see on Syllabus "Speech date and lab roles" link.


Collect Name Tents.


AFTER LAB:           -Record Attendance.   

-Use Grading Template: save in three independent places.

-Add your students’ names to the grading template!  Record who was absent, and the date.

-Email your students who will be giving a dramatic reading next week (~10-11 students per lab) to remind them to be prepared (use Blackboard).

-Update the Speaking Schedule for the semester.  Post on web and send link to Dr. L.  See examples from last year above.

-Let Dr. L know if students can't log into Blackboard, or if they are in the wrong lab discussion section.


NO NEED for us to meet Thurs Jan 16.  Our next meeting is Thursday (Jan 23) 4pm Morrill 10:

-Work with Flip Cameras and your laptop computers.  Bring your laptops and 2Gig+ thumb-drive flash memory sticks!