CALS 183 Communication Methods Lecture Nine Outline, Tuesday 18 March, Thursday 20 March

Lecture A (CRN 12028) Tuesdays 2:30-3:45pm Flemming 101
Lecture B (CRN 91633) Thursdays 2:30-3:45pm Given E 131 (Carpenter Auditorium)


Please put away all electronic devices (lap tops, smart phones, iPods, iPads etc.) and take out something to write with and paper.

Assignments & Announcements:
  1. Practice your Persuasive Presentation.
  2. Bring Flash Drive (2+ Gigs) to lab when you present.
  3. Check Syllabus speaking schedule for when you are presenting and your lab role.

Tips From TAs:

  1. If presenting, arrive at least 15 minutes ahead to get set up.
  2. If using technology, try out the computer/projector/presentation at least two days before.  Don't expect a lot of time to set up on presentation day.  Use Syllabus link to Room Schedule.
  3. If using technology, have at least two independent ways to get at your presentation (ex. email attachment, Zoo drive, Flash Drive, google drive, dropbox)

The single most important thing to do in preparing to speak: Practice in front of others and get feedback!

Persuasive presentation - how it is different from informational.  Checklist.
   -Objective - action
   -Mental Dialog

Persuasive Presentation suggested order of things to do:
   1. Mind Map first draft
   2. Research your topic
Detailed outline
Mind Map second draft
   5. Presentation outline (big font, one sheet)
   6. Practice at least three times in front of friends and get feedback
   8. View your presentation, read peer evaluations, reflect
   9. Write your reflection paper
  10. Assemble your reflection folder: Reflection Folder Checklist folder is due at the beginning of lab the following week.  Here's an example of the Contents of the Reflection Folder.