CALS 183 Communication Methods Lecture Ten Outline,
Wednesday, 26 March 2008



Outside Speech Critique due in lab today.

Speak Off: Best Presentation from each lab will be presented in lecture.  Winner gets 100% on the Final Exam.  After we finish Choice speeches you will be electing one or two candidates to compete in the speak-off.  Candidates who do not win get +10% bonus points on the final exam.

Suggestions for presenting:

-Persuasive objective (how your audience's behavior will be changed or reinforced) should be made very clear.  For example, "After my presentation you will be inspired to eat more Kale!" or "I believe that after you hear my talk you will volunteer at an animal shelter before the end of 2008"

-Be sure to include mental dialog in your presentations.  Try alternatives to "I know you must be thinking...", for example: "usually when I tell people this they say to me 'no way, you must be joking'....." or "when I explained this to my housemate they rejected my idea because....but I convinced them with....." or "When I first heard this I thought to myself '......'"

-Don't be afraid to be critical of your classmate's presentations.  A good critique points out both positive and negatives and your critiques should each contain some of each.  A good critique will be helpful to your classmates.


Formal Class Introductions (until 3:00pm).  Don't End with "That's about it", no hats, no gum, hands out of pockets. 

Dr. Beck Weathers's speech about the disastrous 1996 Mt. Everest Expedition: Part 1