CALS 183 Communication Methods Lecture Outline, Lecture Three.

Tuesday/Thursday, 11/13 September 2012

Lecture A Tuesdays 1:00-2:15pm, code 90181, Room: 122 Hills
Lecture B Thursdays 1:00-2:15pm, code 91886, Room: 122 Hills

Please put away all electronic devices (lap tops, cell phones, Blackberrys, I-Pods, etc.) and take out something to write with and paper.

Today's attendance speech (15-30 seconds, line up, concentrate on your posture): Your Name, tell us if you could play a new musical instrument, what would it be and why?
  1. Practice your dramatic reading and/or informational presentation in front of others and get feedback (Dramatic Readings begin this week!).
  2. Finish Reading Present Yourself, Chapters 6-10.  Quiz on Present Yourself will be next week, Sept 18/20 in lecture.  Be on time or lose points.
  3. Get Flash Memory stick (2+ Gigs) and bring to lab when you present your Informational Presentation.
  4. Check Syllabus speaking schedule for when you are reading and your lab role.
  5. Outside Speech Critique assignment.  UVM lecture calendar site.


The single most important thing to do in preparing to speak: Practice in front of others and get feedback!

Informational Presentation Critique sheet, Informational presentations will begin in lab Monday September 24.

Discussion of Reflection Folder instructions from Syllabus

Critique "The Best Way to Eat" informational presentation

Critique "Can You See Me Now" informational presentation

Critique "Eric Whitacre's TED Talk on the Virtual Choir"