CALS 183 Lab 7 outline Wednesday 10 October, 2012, 3-4pm 207 Morrill

For Group Presentations Monday Oct 15 - Friday Oct 19

How were labs?   Cameras work?   

What parts of presenting do students need to work on most?

Udate the lab schedules & Roles

Email your students:  All Groups presenting next week!

Collect Reflection Folders from those students who gave an Informational Presentation the previous week.  Return Graded Informational Presentation Critique Sheets  

Mid-Term Warning time:  Any student performing at a C level or lower, please email Dr. L their names, and a summary of what they have missed and what they have earned on what assigments.

Go over Persuasive Presentations: Wash your hands, Moon Mission

 BEFORE your next LAB:

-Update the Speaking and Lab Roles Schedules for the semester: generally 8-9 speakers max per lab and Post on web.

-Use Grading Template:


Bring to lab:

-Your laptop!

-Cameras from BH-Library Media center.  Get Camera pack (two flip cameras, & inside battery pack)  bring your UVM ID when you pick up the camera from the Media Center in BH Library.

-Four extra AA batteries as backup for the cameras.

-Group Presentation Critique Sheets and pencil with eraser

-Group Peer Review Evaluation sheets - where students evaluate the other members of the group.

-Graded Informational Critiques, Graded Informational Reflection Folders

-Timing Sheets

-Stop watch or something to keep time.

-"Master of Ceremonies Checklist"

-"hat" with all students names on slips of paper

-Lab Roles sheet with who is doing what when (print from web)

-Speech schedule sheets of who is speaking when (print from web)

-Attendance sheet for attendance taker


Go to lab early:
-Leave enough time to get cameras, & set up laptop, name tents, critique sheets, checklists, etc. 


The Lab itself:


Collect the Outside Speech Critiques

Return Graded Informational Critiques & Reflection folders.

Collect Reflection Folders from students who gave their Informational Presentations last week.


Display and go over Speaking Schedule and Lab Roles Schedule (use document camera or computer projected, or hand out).  


Have Master of Ceremonies write the Groups on the board, along with

            their topic, and choose first group from the “hat”.

Go over the Master of Ceremonies tasks with them (make sure group ready, timer ready, camera ready, introduce group, facilitate questions at the end, have speaker choose next group from hat).

Give Timer the timing sheets.

Give Attendance taker the attendance sheet & have them take attendance.

Make sure the critique forms manager is ready.  


Critique the Group Presentations (TAs should sit apart from each other and use pencil).  Use different symbols for the different group members.

When first group is finished, camera goes to TA with laptop.  TA transfers and names the file (GroupA17OctoberGroupCriticalAnalysis) from the camera to the laptop.  

Remind students who are delivering their Persuasive Presentation next week, and who is doing what lab role next week. 

Remind students who do their Persuasive Presentation that their pocket reflection folder is due AT THE BEGINNING OF LAB next week (if late -10%, more than one week late -20%, more than two weeks late: big fat zero).

Answer any questions.


Collect name tents.


After lab:

-Erase any files from Camera using computer.

-Immediately Return Cameras to BH Library, remind them to recharge.

-Meet with lab partner and reach consensus on the grade for each Group Presentations & Reflection Folders.  

-Let Dr. L know if there are any videos he should watch/save.

-Record attendance and grades on excel template and save it in at least three different places.

-Email your students who will be giving a Persuasive presentation the following week (9 students per lab) to remind them to be prepared.

-Update the Speaking and Role Schedules on the web: 9 speakers max per lab.  Upload edited schedules and replace old files in your public_html. 

-Read examples of Poor/Good/Excellent Reflection Papers, and Excellent Outside Speech Critique:  .

-Have Fun!