CALS 183 Lab 13 outline Wednesday 28 November, 2012, 3-4pm 207 Morrill

End of Semester

Assignments from IN box.

How's everything going?   Enough time for all presentations?  Options: Lecture, next week Monday.   

Enough Choice Critiques sheets?  Reflection Rubrics?

Reflection papers due one week after, so Friday lab 30 Nov, reflections due Friday Dec 7, 12:50pm.  If late:  0 <--Tell students this!

IN BOX, OUT BOX.  Check the in IN Regularly, also Dr. L's mailbox.

I need your grades sent as an email attachment using the Excel template format no later than Noon Monday Dec 10.  Sooner the better!

Once I have your grades, you may get a copy of your students labTA evaluations.

Thank You for being TAs this semester!  Let me know if you need a reference!