CALS 183 Lab 12 outline Wednesday 14 November, 2012, 3-4pm 207 Morrill

For Last Labs Monday Nov 26 - Friday Nov 30!

Announcements / Reminders / New stuff

Clips & clasps

How's everything going?   How were labs?  Cameras work?   

Enough time?

Mid-Term Warning time:  Any student performing at a C level or lower, please email me their names.  Thanks.

Choice Critiques sheets?

EMAIL the students who still have to give their presentations.  TAKE Attendance - no lab role and already given choice presentation is NOT and excuse to miss lab.  

Reflection papers due one week after, so Friday lab 30 Nov, reflections due Friday Dec 7, 12:50pm.  If late:  0 <--Tell students this!

IN BOX, OUT BOX.  Check the in IN Regularly, also Dr. L's mailbox.

I need your grades sent as an email attachment using the Excel template format no later than Noon Monday Dec 10.  Sooner the better!

Once I have your grades, you may get a copy of your students labTA evaluations.

Thank You for being TAs this semester!  Let me know if you need a reference!

TA Evaluations:  94187