Flip Camcorders Instructions

Bring your UVM ID to the Bailey-Howe Library Media center and pick up Camera bag with: 2 Flip Cameras, battery pack and charger.  Bring four extra AA batteries just in case you need them.

Two TAs: one responsible for the camera, the other for transferring the recorded presentation to the laptop.

Student presenting gives their thumb drive (USB flash memory stick) to the TA with the laptop.

Student or TA with the Flip camera #1 records the first speaker's presentation (including questions).

When First speaker is finished take Flip #1 and give it to the TA with the laptop.  The TA with the laptop will transfer the first person's presentation to the laptop by plugging in the USB connection.  Meanwhile the other TA will begin recording the second presentation on Flip Camera #2. 

Laptop TA:
-Save the file to a folder for this lab (for example 5October2010 folder). 
-Rename the file using this convention: StudentNameDateTypeOfPresentation.  So for example: JaneSmith5October2010Persuasive.
-After the file is saved, copy the file to the student's thumb drive.

Repeat with Camera #2 while camera #1 records the third speaker, etc.

After lab:
-Delete all videos from the Flip cameras
-Return Flip cameras to MediaServices in Bailey Howe Library & make sure they RECHARGE the battery pack.
-Transfer all video files from your laptop to zoo shares.  Map a network drive to the following shares: 
   For CALS 001:                 /:/uvmshare3/cals001
   For CALS 183:                 /:/uvmshare3/agri183/
Instructions for mapping drives on Windows and MacOSX Here