Wednesday Morning Lab Lab Role Schedule

Fall 2008

Dramatic Readings

September 17:

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: Nirali Shah

Timer: Teresa Lloyd-Coronado

Attendance Taker: Taylor Massa

Critique Forms Manager: Eric Muttilainen

Speakerís Aide: Ryan Grimason


Dramatic Readings

September 24:

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: Ashley Barnes

Timer: Mclain Cheney

Attendance Taker: Jack Downing

Critique Forms Manager: Amanda Frattarola

Speakerís Aide: Amanda Frattarola


Dramatic Readings / Informational Presentations

October 1 :

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: Caroline Hill

Timer: Eric Muttilainen

Camera operators: Molly Huyett, Addison Kasmarek

Attendance Taker: Mikala O'Neil

Critique Forms Manager: Abigail Pierce

Speakerís Aide: Nirali Shah


Informational Presentations

October 8:

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: Wahs Stacey

Timer: Catherine Venson

Camera operators: Ryan Grimason, Katharine Williams

Attendance Taker: Ameilia Hacker

Critique Forms Manager: Jameson Halnon

Speakerís Aide: Ashley Barnes

Informational Presentations
October 15

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: McClain Cheney

Timer: Jack Downing

Camera operators: Amanda Frattarola, Ameila Hacker

Attendance Taker: Caroline Hill

Critique Forms Manager: Addison Kasmarek

Speakerís Aide: Molly Huyett


Group Critical Analysis

October 22:

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: Catherine Venson, Amelia Hacker

Timers: Nirali Shah, Eric Muttilainen

Camera operators: Jack Downing, Caroline Hill, Addison Kasmarek, Molly Huyett, Ryan Grimason

Attendance Taker: Teresa Lloyd-Coronado

Critique Forms Managers: Taylor Massa, Mikala O'Neil

Speakerís Aides: Nirali Shah, Wahs Stacey


Group Critical Analysis / Persuasive Presentations

October 29:

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: Katharine Williams

Timer: Catherine Westbom

Camera operators: Catherine Venson, Wahs Stacey

Attendance Taker: Nirali Shah

Critique Forms Manager: Teresa Lloyd-Coronado

Speakerís Aide: Abigail Pierce

Persuasive Presentations

November 5:

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: Jack Downing

Timer: Ashley Barnes

Camera operators: Mclain Cheney, Amanda Frattarola

Attendance Taker: Jameson Halnon

Critique Forms Manager: Amelia Hacker

Speakerís Aide: Caroline Hill


Persuasive Presentations

November 12:

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: Nirali Shah

Timer: Amelia Hacker

Camera operators: Teresa Lloyd-Coronado, Taylor Massa

Attendance Taker: Eric Muttilainen

Critique Forms Manager: Addison Kasmarek
Speakerís Aide: 
Taylor Massa


Choice Presentations

November 19:

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: Amanda Frattarola

Timer: Mikala O'Neil

Camera operators: Catherine Venson, Abigail Pierce

Attendance Taker: Wahs Stacey

Critique Forms Manager: Ryan Grimason

Speakerís Aide: Catherine Westbom

Thanksgiving week, no labs

November 24-28:


Choice Presentations

December 3:

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: Molly Huyett

Timer: Amanda Frattarola

Camera operators: Ashley Barnes, Mclain Cheney

Attendance Taker: Caroline Hill

Critique Forms Manager: Jack Downing

Speakerís Aide: Taylor Massa


Choice Presentations / Any further business (party?)

December 10:

Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator: 


Camera operators: 

Attendance Taker: 

Critique Forms Manager:

Speakerís Aide: