CALS 183 Communication Methods Lecture Five Outline,Tuesday, 30 September 2008



Four to Six page paper critiquing a formal speech given outside of class (due: Oct 31, 4pm) Lab peer edited.

VP Debate Thursday night!  Sarah Palin & Joe Biden 


  1. Practice your informational presentation in front of others & get feedback.
  2. Arrive a few minutes early for lab so they may begin right on time (and maybe get out early).
  3. Practice in the room you will be giving your presentation, check the online room schedule.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get any COMPUTER / AUDIO / VISUAL equipment to work.  Do not rely on it working without practice!  Have a backup plan if, for example, the projector lamp is burned out.
  4. Think about what you will do for your group critical anlaysis presentation (check syllabus)
  5. READING ASSIGNMENT: The Art of Public Speaking: Chapters. 15 & 16

Be sure you know your Speech date and lab role assignment, these have been updated!

Audience Etiquette:

    No texting or computing during a speech

    Pay attention to the presenter and write down positive feedback and suggestions for improvement 

Speakers should follow the dress code 

Speakers should prepare by reading the critique form criteria carefully!

Speakers, make your objective clear to your audience!  For example: "Today you will learn about sky diving and I hope to inspire you to try it this weekend" is an objective.  "Today I'll go over sky diving" is NOT AN OBJECTIVE.  You must be clear on what you want the audience to know or do because of your presentation.

Hand in your reflection paper in a POCKET FOLDER with your name, speech title, and date delivered on the front cover.  Inside the folder, in the pockets should be: 1. Your reflection paper with headings:  The Speech I Prepared For, The Speech I Gave, Improvements for Next Time, 2. Any outlines or note cards you used, 3. Research materials (articles, photocopies you made, and copies of visual aids, images, overheads, etc.).   4. Student critiques from those who watched your presentation.  5. Mind Map and list of Objectives. Your Pocket Folder is due in lab the week after you present (if late -10% the first week, -20% the second week, No credit afterwards).

Collect Stylisitic Language Devices lists for Martin Luther King speech.

Quiz on Present Yourself.

Formal Introductions.