CALS 183 Communication Methods Lecture Fourteen Outline,Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Final Exam: Tuesday Dec. 16, 9:00AM, 207 Lafayette


Be sure you know your Speech date and lab role assignment, these have been updated!


Finish Formal Introductions

Class Evaluations


-Best Presentation from each lab will be presented in lecture.  Winner gets 100% on the Final Exam.  Contestants get +10% added to their final exam grade.
-Student audience evaluates speakers and gets to rank presentations #1 through #3.
-Winner chosen by Dr. Leonard with taking student votes into consideration.  Dr. L will email winner to class list by 4pm Tuesday afternoon.
-Speakers are evaluated on the criteria on our Informational/Persuasive/Choice critique sheets (not which is funniest or most entertaining necessarily).
-Speakers sequence will be chosen at random (from hat).
-We need to start ON TIME (12:30 SHARP!) to have time for everyone, and complete the class evaluation. 
-Please come to class on a few minutes early and be in your seat at 12:30.
-Speakers should limit their presentations to 10 minutes MAX and have any speakers aides, props, etc. arranged before time.
-The Speak Off will be videotaped.

-Speak Off Contestants: use the online facilities scheduler to find out when Lafayette 207 is free for you to practice:
-Speakers may alter their speech from the original given in lab (based on feedback from TAs and student peers), but keep to the 10 minute max time limit.