CALS 183 Communication Methods Lecture Eleven Outline,Tuesday November 11, 2009


Speak Off: Tues December 9.  Best Presentation from each lab will be presented in lecture.  Winner gets 100% on the Final Exam.  Contestants earn +10% on the final exam.

Final Exam:  Tuesday December 16, 8:00am Lafayette 207


Be sure you know your Speech date and lab role assignment, these have been updated!

Examples of Choice Speeches:

    Sarah Sanchez, legally blind student, "Can you see me now?"

    Trevor Gaines "Cha-Cha slide"

Barrack Obama's 2004 Democratic Convention Key-note speech section

Barrack Obama's Victory Speech, Nov 4, 2008

Formal Class Introductions (graded, 5%).  Don't End with "That's about it", no hats, no gum, hands out of pockets.