CALS 183 Communication Methods Lecture Ten Outline, Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Reflections on Beck Weathers's Mt. Everest Speech

Question of Culture Speech



Reflection Paper folders and Graded Outside Critiques handed back.

Attendance speech: state your name, and tell us one of your earliest memories.

Speak Off: Best Presentation from each lab will be presented in lecture.  Winner gets 100% on the Final Exam.  After we finish Choice speeches you will be electing one or two candidates to compete in the speak-off.  Candidates who participate earn +10% bonus points on the final exam.

Feedback from TAs:

Reflection Paper Grading Rubric, same as syllabus
Persuasive presentations should PERSUADE: the audience action (what they should DO) should be clear in your presentation.
Be ASSERTIVE, Stick to your convictions and persuade with PASSION and FIRE!
If using visual aids (PowerPoint), no text, just show images.  If you want to share text either write it on the board, or use a handout.

Attendance Policy from Syllabus reminder: "
If you can not make a class, you must notify your instructor before the class.  Notification after the fact (Ex post facto) will result in a zero for that class and assignment.  If you miss a speaking assignment without notifying your instructor before the class or if you miss a speaking assignment because you weren’t prepared, you will earn a zero for that assignment. Only extreme legitimate prior-notification absences (death in the family, serious illness, or accident) will be made up.  For an excuse to be legitimate you must contact the CALS Deans Office (Rose Laba, 656-0289, and Rose will notify Dr. Leonard.  This should be a rare occurrence. "

Read your email from your TAs or fail! 


Be sure you know your Speech date and lab role assignment, these have been updated!


Formal Class Introductions.  Don't End with "That's about it", no hats, no gum, hands out of pockets.