CALS 183 Communication Methods Lecture Thirteen Outline,Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Attendance speech: State your name clearly and slowly, share with us a goal you have for 2008.


Final Exam: Tuesday Dec. 11, 8:00AM, 101 Stafford,  Study Guide is now online


Monday Labs are complete!  Wednesday labs Be sure you know your Speech date

Handout: Group Peer Evaluation Form. 


Finish Formal Introductions:

Speak Off Next Week:
-Best Two Presentations from each lab will be presented in lecture.  Winner gets 100% on the Final Exam.  Contestants get +10% added to their final exam grade.
-Student audience evaluates speakers and gets to rank presentations #1 through #6.
-Winner chosen by Dr. Leonard with taking student votes into consideration.  Dr. L will email winner to class list by 4pm Tuesday afternoon.
-Speakers are evaluated on the criteria on our Informational/Persuasive/Choice critique sheets (not which is funniest or most entertaining necessarily).
-We have six contestants: Dan Potter, Sarah Sanchez, Chris Costello, Anne White, Derek Williams, & Peter Merritt.  Speakers sequence will be chosen at random (from hat).
-We need to start ON TIME (12:30 SHARP!) to have time for everyone.  Only time for two questions for each speaker MAX.
-Please come to class on a few minutes early and be in your seat at 12:30.
-Speakers should limit their presentations to 10 minutes MAX and have any speakers aides, props, etc. arranged before time.
-The Speak Off will be videotaped.

-Speak Off Contestants: use the online facilities scheduler to find out when Stafford 101 is free for you to practice:
-Speakers may alter their speech from the original given in lab (based on feedback from TAs and student peers), but keep to the 10 minute max time limit.

The Art of Interviewing

TA and Class Evaluations

Groups who need to, Meet