Rotating Lab Roles                                                   




7-9 Speakers - Responsible for giving presentations during that assigned lab period.




1 Master of Ceremony and Classroom Facilitator

Responsible for: smooth operation of entire lab, including:

Writing presenter's name and topic on board before they speak,

Choose the first presenter out of the "hat" and have each presenter when finished choose the next presenter,
Introducing each presenter and their topic to the lab,

Facilitating discussion and questions at end of each presentation,

Insuring all jobs are assigned and being performed,


1 Timer

Responsible for: timing presentations using stop watch,

Holding up minute sheets so presenters see them,


2 Camera Operators

Responsible for: set up and take down of tripod, extension cord, and camera,

Taping each presentation,

Getting tapes from presenters and returning after taping.


1 Attendance Taker

            Responsible for taking lab attendance using form and returning to instructor.


1 Critique Forms Manager

            Responsible for: collecting student critique forms and giving forms to each

            presenter after presentation.


1 Speakerís Aide

            Responsible for: helping each speaker before and after presentation,

            Arranging room (chairs, lights, handouts, props, etc.) to as needed by presenter.


Listeners & Questioners:


9-12 Listeners and Questioners

            Responsible for: actively listening to presentation and asking intelligent and

            cogent topical questions of speaker after presentation.